The Eating Freely Program provides expert, evidence-based support to help adults fully recover from emotional eating and binge eating disorder, and internationally approved training to practitioners in this specialist area

Through working with many hundreds of clients over 12 years, Emma developed a proven process


Our Founder

The Eating Freely™ Program was developed over 12 years of working with adults JUST LIKE YOU.

Emma Murphy started working with disordered eating clients in 2009 - 4 years before Binge Eating Disorder was identified as a serious condition affecting millions of adults worldwide.

Emma's clients were desperate for help. They had spent YEARS yo-yo dieting, going to the gym, paying for personal trainers, trying every mad and bizarre diet and meal supplement plan going... without EVER getting to the root of the issue - the true, deep triggers that kept them trapped in a cycle of emotional & binge eating.


I honestly never considered food as something that supported life - I saw it as the enemy! I have learnt that food nourishes, that I can be in control by eating good and tasty food.

I have learnt to be a lot kinder to myself, to feel emotion and not to eat it or stuff down emotions with food. The journey can be very emotional but I have been blessed with my practitioners’ support and incredible caring. I am taking it day by day - some days are better than others but the process is also bringing up things that I need to deal with as I get stronger and more caring towards myself and my life.

I am incredibly grateful for this gift I gave to myself. Thank you Emma and your amazing team for making this possible!

Mairead, 62

Through this program, I have old outdated beliefs and preconceived thoughts about how I see myself and others.

I found looking back brought up a lot of suppressed issues from childhood/negative experiences that shaped my viewpoint as grew older.

This is helpful for me to understand, I’ve learned to be kinder to myself and I am able to move forward.
Since doing this program I have made self-care a priority. Food/body image does not take up as much of my thinking as it did before and my mindset towards these things is more relaxed.

I have cut back significantly on the amount of takeaways I order and binge on. I feel like the eating disorder is less of an issue than it was and I am truly moving on from it.


Mairead, 62

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