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If you are an adult struggling with Emotional or Binge Eating...


You are in the right place!

You can choose to work through our online self-directed program, or work 1-1 with one of our expert practitioners. Whatever you are ready for, we can help.

If you are a Health Practitioner interested in joining us...


You are in the right place!

Becoming a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner will fast track your coaching from Generalist to Specialist. Easily grow your practice with our CE approved training and support from our international community of practitioners.

Structured psychological and nutritional support

Developed by a Psychotherapist working with hundreds of clients over 12 years individually, in groups, in-person and online.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support adults who struggle with long standing emotional eating, binge eating disorder and yo-yo weight loss/gain.

  1. No matter where they are.
  2. No matter how long they’ve been struggling.
  3. With NO judgment, no dieting, and no shame.


I'm Emma Murphy.

I’m Emma, and I have worked with clients for over 12 years as a Psychotherapist specialist in Food, Weight & Body Image.  

Over this time I’ve developing a structured, evidence based way of working with clients that really does offer them true freedom around food – forever.  

My Eating Freely Program has even won an Award from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, in recognition for making Disordered Eating Support more accessible and affordable via our Online Program option.

It is my mission to ensure anyone, anywhere can get the specialist support they need to finally overcome their long standing battle with food, their weight and their body image.  

The Eating Freely Program is available as an online self-directed program, and through working 1:1 with one of our qualified Health Professionals who have taken further specialist training with us to become a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner.

So you can get the help you need no matter where you are, no matter how long you’ve been struggling, and with NO judgment, no dieting, and no shame.

The Eating Freely™ Program
combines four pillars of support:

CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – tools to help reduce binge eating episodes immediately;

Nutrition and Gut Rehabilitation – over time, binge eating impacts your gut, which impacts your hormones, your sleep, your energy and your physical health. We need to reverse this!

Neuroscience – because a lot of what happens is in ‘Autopilot’ and triggered at an unconscious level. Your brain is only trying to keep you safe, but the Automatic Habits it has on file are working against you, not for you!

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion – because how helpful is that Inner Critical Voice, really?

We have Licensed Eating Freely™ Practitioners all around the world, most of whom also work online.

Whether you are an adult struggling with long standing emotional or binge eating, or a practitioner looking to support clients with a specialist evidence based program, you are in the right place.

The Eating Freely™ Program is unique. We separate food from feelings, and the past from the present, supporting clients to finally find true freedom around food, forever.