Work with a Licensed Practitioner

Work 1-1 in person or online with one of our specialist practitioners.

To really get to the root of what is maintaining your unhelpful relationship with food, we recommend you work 1:1 with one of our Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners.

You can do this either in-person or online depending on where you are located.

All our Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners are fully qualified, accredited health professionals – psychotherapists, psychologists, registered nutritional therapists, board certified health coaches 
or medical professionals.

Our Practitioners

We have Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners in over 10 countries, all of whom work online, and many work in-person in their local area too.

To get started, please use the practitioner directory to find either someone near you, or your preferred practitioner to work with online.

You can use the directory to find a practitioner you resonate with and contact them directly, or

just ask us to connect you with someone for a consultation.

All you need to do is fill out the pre-consultation form, and we’ll do the rest!

How does it work?

Step 1:

Check out our practitioner directory and decide if you have a preferred practitioner to contact, OR if you’d prefer us to connect you to someone.

Step 2:

Choose your practitioner, or choose us to connect you with someone.

Step 3:

Fill out the pre-consultation form and give our practitioner 24 hours to connect with you to arrange your consultation.

Step 4:

Meet with your practitioner, ask any questions you have, and ensure you feel comfortable working with that person.

Whats included in the program?

1:1 Support from a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner

Your contracted number of sessions with your Eating Freely Practitioner. The number of sessions and length of program varies depending on your needs – that’s why the no-obligation consultation is important.

Online access to all the tools, worksheets and resources we provide as part of your program

Throughout the program your practitioner will share a range of resources with you, from worksheets to audio meditations and videos to watch. We’ve put all of these together in one Online Portal that you will be logged into by your practitioner once you’ve had your first session with them.

You will have lifetime access to this online portal so you can return to the resources again whenever you need to.

Your Free Gift!

As a welcome gift, we’ll send you The Four Energies of Emotional Eating card deck and the accompanying ebook. The cards can be used as an additional resource both during, and more importantly AFTER the program – to keep you on track after you finish working with your practitioner.


Mairead, 62

My practitioner had the right balance of empathy and tough love that suits me very well. I didn't want to "get away with stuff" like I've seen other people do in therapy.

There's no point going if you're not really going to work on things. Sometimes I hated the sessions, but that's because we had to dig into tough issues. I was always grateful to have my practitioner there to support me as I struggled to push forward or needed time to wallow before I could move on.

I was afraid at times that she'd get fed up with me because I couldn't always make myself deal with stuff. I did ask her though, and she always reassured me that that wouldn't happen. We'd work together as long as we both agreed that it was helpful
I've tried many therapists who I feel wait to listen for a trigger and jump on it like a grenade. My practitioner really listened to me. No frilly soft speaking therapist talk. Like having a chat with a good friend and working through a few problems.

I did this program before my final year in college, following my sessions I had an amazing trip to Italy where I connected with my mom after spending years resenting her for being upset with my unhealthy coping mechanisms.

I've since finished college and moved to Los Angeles and have an amazing job where I feel confident and happy. PLUS my mom is on her way out for a holiday soon and I can't wait to see my best friend! I have you to thank for a lot

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