The Four Energies of Emotional Eating

A Therapeutic Card Deck for anyone struggling with Emotional Eating or Binge Eating Disorder

A great resource to use with clients struggling with emotional eating or binge eating disorder.

For any Health Coach, Therapist or Nutritional Therapist looking for resources to help clients with emotional eating or binge eating disorder, this card deck is a must.  

Clients with emotional eating or binge eating disorder need support in dealing with the far reaching impact of their relationship with food – across all areas of their lives.

Whilst we all emotionally eat, emotional eating is on a spectrum.  Clients in distress about their emotional eating will often have struggled for many years without much relief. They tend to turn to the weight loss industry for support, which never gets near the root of the problem. 

Health professionals need specialist resources for supporting clients who are emotional eaters or struggle with binge eating disorder – a classified eating disorder, that is not about food or weight at all, it is about feelings, and almost always underpinned by trauma or another adverse experience. 

The Four Energies of Emotional Eating Card Deck gives you, the practitioner, a comprehensive resource to support clients unpack their unhelpful relationship with food, from four perspectives – their emotional energy, physical energy, mental energy and their spiritual energy.

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This Card Deck was developed by Emma Murphy MIACP to help you and your clients get to the root of their emotional and binge eating.

Clients and practitioners alike can sometimes be unaware of how deep emotional and binge eating goes. Whilst we all ’emotionally eat’ in response to feelings, Binge eating disorder is something different. It’s a classified eating disorder, and it is not about food, it’s about feelings.  

Deck Size:  48 Cards

Deck Theme: The Four Energies of Emotional Eating

The WATER Cards are about your SPIRITUAL ENERGY

The FIRE Cards are about your MENTAL ENERGY

The AIR Cards are about your EMOTIONAL ENERGY

The EARTH Cards are about your PHYSICAL ENERGY

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