The Eating Freely Group Program and Retreat

An Exclusive Opportunity to Focus on YOU.

    Is it time for you to finally find true, permanent freedom around food forever?

   Are you ready to resolve your relationship with food, your body and  how you feel about yourself?

   Are you prepared to invest fully in yourself, and in a specialist, therapy-based program to permanently transform your relationship with food and your body?

   You’ve done all the diets, weight loss programs, gym memberships and everything else, isn’t it time to commit do doing the REAL work needed to truly break free from emotional & binge eating?

We are inviting a group of just 12 women to join this exclusive Eating Freely Program & Retreat, and commit to finally freeing themselves from emotional & binge eating, forever.

Over the course of three months you will work together online using both self-directed material and weekly online group calls with our qualified, experienced Licensed Eating Freely Psychotherapist, Nutritional Therapist and Art Therapist, to support you with:

– Personalised Nutritional Rehabilitation for YOUR body and lifestyle;

– CBT, Neuroscience and Psychodynamic work to separate your food from your feelings, and your past from your present;

– Mindfulness & self-compassion to finally dial down that Inner Critic and change your self-talk from Mean Girl to Motivator, Critic to Champion;

– Creative strategies to help you bypass your ‘mental’ busy mind and tap into your own inner sources of wisdom and knowledge about who you truly are, and what you truly need to thrive;

– Self-Love work so you can finally let go of everything that no longer serves you, and live your life authentically in the NOW, no longer trapped by the past.

The program concludes with a wonderful, all-inclusive 6 night retreat in the beautiful Valencia region of Spain, where you will finally meet your new friends in person, and celebrate your collective and respective journeys to freedom, self-empowerment and above all, self-love.

three women in a sunflower field
three women paddling in white


January – April 2022

Only 12 spaces available.

Blending self-directed learning with weekly live group calls, from January to March you’ll have professional and peer support every step of the way as you learn how to separate your food from your feelings, and your past from your present, in a safe, confidential space


You got to the root of what’s truly holding you back, and let it go;

You have completely  changed how you respond to stress and how you feel about yourself;

You no longer use food to numb out your feelings;

You have new, lifelong friendships with other women who are all on the same path as you – they know you, they believe in you and they have your back always;

And most important of all, you have truly learned how to love yourself enough to finally let go of what no longer serves you, and leave the past where it belongs – in the past.  


If you are ready, then you CAN do this – together with a group of women just like you over the course of 12 weeks starting in January 2022.

This exclusive group program concludes by travelling to Valencia in Spain for a 6-night, all inclusive retreat with your group to acknowledge your hard work, and ensure you have everything you need to keep going – there’s no going back after this experience!

The Eating Freely Residential Retreat - a Celebration Like No Other!

Nestled in the green hills of Valencia and within walking distance of a traditional Spanish village, your all inclusive retreat is waiting for you!

First, meet your group of friends in person to celebrate how far you have all come together over the course of your Group Program!

Nourish your body with gentle yoga on the shaded terracotta terrace overlooking the hills of Valencia;

Enjoy guided walks in the hills;

Savour freshly prepared, delicious dishes prepared with local ingredients every day;

Tap into another side of yourself with therapeutic creative art workshops that bring you fully into flow with your inner guidance – and your Inner Goddess;

Let loose as we join a Spanish Flamenco Dancer in a workshop to fully reconnect with our bodies in a fun, sensual and freeing experience!

Set beautiful intentions for yourself to bring home and guide you onwards after your formal group concludes.

If you know you are ready to finally leave emotional and binge eating behind you... then register your interest TODAY!

We will arrange an online chat with everyone to ensure suitability for the program.

This exclusive program is strictly limited to 12 participants.