Victoria Webster
Online sessions: Yes
Location: Cape Town

Clinical Psychologist, Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, Addiction counsellor.
BA (UCT), BA Hons (UCT) MA SocSci (UCT), MA Clin Psych (WITS).

Victoria Webster is a Clinical Psychologist and completed her studies in 2012. Prior to this, Victoria also completed a Master’s degree in research psychology at the University of Cape Town. She has worked in several government psychiatric institutions, including Tara Hospital where she worked in the eating disorder unit. In 2014, Victoria worked in a rehabilitation centre in Cape Town specialising in alcohol, drug and sugar addiction. Victoria has continued to work in inpatient rehabilitation since then.

Victoria has been very interested in understanding the psychology behind eating and how to work with people and their relationship with food. Victoria is a facilitator of groups, workshops and lectures and her academic work has been published in the Journal of Neurovirology.

Victoria knows that change is not easy and hopes to help people gain insight into their thought processes, emotions, behaviours and connection with their bodies in order to improve their relationship with food and make better choices for themselves.

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