Toni Shaked
Online sessions: Yes
Location: Cape Town

Transforming Lives with Expertise and Compassion.
Toni Shaked proudly graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand, earning herself a BA in Social Work in 1992. Since 2010, she has called Cape Town, South Africa, her home, where she orchestrates a thriving private therapeutic practice. Catering to a diverse international clientele, Toni has extended her reach by providing online services.

With an impressive 25-year career, Toni has worn numerous hats, excelling in roles as a therapeutic counsellor, group facilitator, lecturer, supervisor, trainer, and programme developer. Despite her multifaceted career, her unwavering passion lies in assisting individuals and families grappling with addiction.In 2013, Toni embarked on a mission to empower fellow professionals. She began conducting training workshops and crafting programmes to equip them with cutting- edge techniques and methodologies for aiding clients on the path to recovery.

Toni obtained certifications in Mindfulness-Based Interventions and is a Mental Fitness Coach, having graduated from the Mental Fitness Mastery Programme by Positive Intelligence. Furthermore, she serves as an Independent Service Provider for CATCH Recovery London, offering remote support to outpatient clients. As an additional service, she runs an online family programme, for CATCH Recovery, designed to assist those close to her clients.

In 2023, Toni added another specialisation to her extensive portfolio by becoming an Eating Freely Practitioner. With her profound expertise and unwavering commitment, Toni Shaked continues to make an impact in the world of therapeutic support.

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