Shane Pearson
Online sessions: Yes
Location: Durrow, Laois

Hi, I’m Shane,

I grew up on a busy family farm in the Irish Midlands and was farming full time until my late twenties when something started to change. I felt a growing urge inside me to find out my true calling and to discover what I was here to do. My only problem was I had no idea what that was!

However, over the next couple of decades I followed my passion in the mind/body connection and this took me on a wandering journey all over the world to train with some of the best teachers in several areas including NLP, Nutritional Therapy and Coaching.

I am now an accredited Thought Leader in Behavioural Change and an experienced Health and Wellness (H&W) Coach specialising in the area of stress and resilience. I also regularly train and mentor certified H&W coaches for the Institute of Health Sciences and have written several online courses.

I blend my expertise in physical, mental and emotional health with coaching skills to guide and supporting individuals through the change process as they achieve enhanced levels of health, wellbeing and happiness.

What brought me to become an Eating Freely Practitioner?

My experience working with hundreds of people over many years has taught me that for complex challenges such as Binge or Emotional Eating a holistic and multi-faceted approach is required (as well as time and lots of compassion!). I was thrilled to find that the Eating Freely Program had pulled all the pieces together into a 12 week program.

The combination of the different modalities including CBT, Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Nutritional Rehabilitation perfectly suited my style and Mind/Body approach as well as giving me a beautiful integrated framework and new tools to further help my clients.

I am now honoured to offer this program both online, as well as in-person in Durrow, Co. Laois. If you would like to know more about me or to see if we might be a good fit for you schedule your free discovery call now. I look forward to connecting with you.

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