Mary O’Brien
Online sessions: Yes
Location: Meath

As a Health & Wellness Coach and Educator, I‘m passionate about supporting and empowering my clients and community to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

In addition to working with individual clients, I educate in schools, support groups, resource centres and Adult Learning Centres delivering courses and workshops in the areas of Empowerment,  Healthy Habits, Optimum Health Naturally and Mindfulness and Meditation. As a continual learner, l am always looking for new and expanded ways to support my clients  and community wherever they are at in their lives.

After looking at the Eating Freely Course Introduction video with Emma, I was instantly drawn to the rich content and the four specific areas covered of CBT, Nutritional Therapy, Neuroscience and Mindfulness & Compassion.  No procrastinating here, I signed up immediately for the next Eating Freely course and enjoyed every aspect of it.

This  course offers an in-depth and holistic way of helping clients with eating disorders which really resonated with me, as it enables us to get to the real heart of the issues for our clients. As an Eating Freely Practitioner, I can now reach out and confidently support a wider audience  who are struggling with eating disorders  offering them a comprehensive and sustainable eating freely path. In addition, we have a wide range of  excellent tools and techniques to teach and pass on to our clients to fully support them in  successfully going forward.

I’m really excited about stepping into my new role as an Eating Freely Practitioner and am ready to start making a positive contribution in the lives of others.

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