Lynn Koeneman

Online Sessions: Yes
Location: Florida
Phone: N/A
I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a background in fitness and a passion for connecting with and helping others.  For decades, I was able to hide my own eating issues, but yo-yo dieting and unhealthy habits undeniably caught up with me and after hitting a low point, I faced the truth about their effect on my brain, weight, emotions and mood. Change is sometimes hard, slow and uncomfortable. Yet it can happen and be sustainable, and the rewards are beyond worth the effort.
With the Eating Freely program and its four pillars of cognitive behavioral therapy, gut rehabilitation, neuroscience and self-care/self-acceptance, you will become empowered and encouraged as I walk alongside you on your journey toward the lifestyle you envision for yourself.  It is not my vision or society’s vision… it is your vision. As a coach, I believe in your ability to self-heal and offer you empathy, active listening, no judgment, encouragement, confidentiality, and accountability.

In addition to coaching, I spend time working with female inmates in a nearby jail, supporting them to make wiser and healthier choices, and counseling on our National Crisis Text Line. Fun for me includes playing Pickleball and Mahjong, dancing forever, and walking my quirky Westie.
My husband, dog and I live half the year on a beach in FL and the other half in the midwest.  I discovered that meeting virtually is easy, efficient, and time saving and hope to connect with you.  I am reachable by email at lkoeneman@att.net.