Karen Lordan
Online sessions: Yes
Location: West Cork

I’m Karen Lordan from West Cork.

I have always been passionate about food and I have also had a difficult relationship with food too. Emotional eating and dieting have been a part of my past. This led me to train as a Nutritional Therapist over 13 years ago.

But I found my true calling when I crossed path with intuitive eating. Starting to connect with my body’s hunger and fullness cues, finding peace with food and satisfaction with food. I felt I had come home, food and eating was getting easier and less confusing. Although this approach ticked a lot of boxes. I still felt there was some real foundation missing. That’s when I found this golden nugget called ‘Eating Freely’.

There is so much disorganisation with emotional eating and binge eating. It leads your brain into overdrive, obsessed about what to eat and when to eat. Bad foods, calories, scales, our inner critic there is so much confusion. What this needs is some organisation. The ‘Eating Freely’ Program provides just that. Structure and a secure base so that the client can navigate the turbulent waters and find their way to wellness, trust and stability. It is a truly transformational program.

When I found the ‘Eating Freely’ Program I knew I had found something very special and unique. A holistic approach encompassing cognitive behaviour therapy, nutrition and gut rehabilitation, neuroscience, mindfulness and self compassion to look after all the aspects of clients who are struggling with emotional and binge eating.

I am so passionate about this program and I am looking forward to seeing all it can do to transform people’s lives. I bring a trauma informed approach promoting nervous system regulation. I provide a safe space for your healing.

Are you ready to try something new that’s going to focus on the root causes? Are you ready to put weight loss on the back burner and take action to transform your relationship with food and yourself?

If any of this interests you why not contact me for a discovery call, and take the first steps to transformation now.

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