Helen O’Hanlon
Online sessions: Yes
Location: North Cork

My name is Helen O’Hanlon and I am based in North Cork. I am a fully qualified coach with a first-class honours masters in personal and management coaching from University College Cork. I work both in person and online.

My background is in education having been involved in educational settings from early years care right up to adult education, I am passionate about assisting others in reaching their potential.

As a teenager and in my early twenties I struggled with body image issues and not feeling good enough about my appearance. I tried lots of diets and found myself in a perpetual cycle of feeling uncomfortable in my own body, it was only through personal development work that I learned to love my body and appreciate all that it does for me.

I listened to Emma on a podcast and I instantly felt drawn to her work and the Eating Freely program. The Eating Freely program aligns very strongly with my own values and beliefs.

I completed the Eating Freely specialist training whilst I was pregnant with my son and found it to be an informative and nurturing experience during a time that I could possibly have suffered from negative body image issues. I could make sense of my experiences and enjoy a healthy and autonomous relationship with food throughout my pregnancy and post-partum.

I experienced the program to be practical and transformative, providing lifelong skills in the areas of CBT, neuroscience and developing a healthy relationship with food.

My signature coaching style is one of care and compassion, I look forward to hearing from you.


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