Dr. Elaine Barretto

Online Sessions: Yes
Location: Singapore
Phone: +65 8646 4601
Hello! My name is Dr. Elaine Barretto, and I am a scientist-turned-health coach. I’m a national board certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC) and I am concluding a Master of Science in Psychological Medicine (Mental Health). I’m also a lifestyle medicine certified professional, registered yoga teacher, mindfulness instructor, pain neuroscience educator, and culinary nutrition educator.
I’m the CEO and founder of the mind•body•food•pain center, where we focus on the relationships between mental health, nutrition, gut health, and chronic pain, using lifestyle medicine coaching coupled with mind-body tools such as mindfulness and yoga, and psychology tools including CBT and positive psychology, to develop and apply tools that empower you to take care of your own health, from all aspects. The Eating Freely program fits very well within this paradigm, and that is why I was happy to become one of the certified practitioners of the program.
One of the core aspects of our work is based on the power of our own relationships to our thoughts, to our bodies, to health, to food, and to other people, and how they can be affected by the environment, pain, stress, and trauma. What you think and feel, how you move (or don’t), how you sleep, what and how you eat, and how you relate to yourself and to the people around you, can have the power to promote either disease or healing. Let’s work together to frame your well-being goals, using a compassionate science-based approach, and support your own healing.
I am based in Singapore, but I offer the program worldwide virtually as well. Apart from English, I also support German and Portuguese speakers. I can’t wait to hear from you. ♡