Andrew Morrin

Online Sessions: No
Location: Dublin
Email: N/A
Phone: 35386252339

Hello, My Name is Andrew Morrin. As a Therapist in general practice, I have noted on many occasions an unhappiness and anxiety in many clients around food and body image!

While attending a therapy conference, I met Emma Murphy and first heard about the Eating Freely Program. I was struck by how well structured and integrated the program is. Therapists as well as Nutritional Therapists combine to present a program addressing all the issues that arise from Binge Eating Disorder and Emotional Eating. I love the idea that the program is not about losing weight in the first instance, but more importantly addressing the relationship we have with ourselves around food.

At last, a program which I believe can truly help anyone wishing to finally free themselves from Binge Eating and Emotional Eating for good.

I am based in Newlands Cross in Dublin 22.