Adrian Fahy
Online sessions: Yes
Location: Limerick

Hi, I’m Adrian! I graduated with an honours degree from PCI College and am a fully qualified psychotherapist. I am based in Limerick but am always happy to see clients online via zoom or teams. As well as working privately I have also worked as a student counsellor for a number of years, sitting with college students through challenges like anxiety, depression, loss, family issues and low self-esteem.

Over time it became apparent to me that food and body image were also a significant source of stress for many of my clients, both male and female. This prompted me to join the eating freely programme, which I have found to be a wonderful learning experience. Not only have I learned practical ways of helping clients deal with their stressful eating habits, I have also learned to empower them by giving them the tools to develop, and maintain, healthier habits instead!

When it comes to difficulties with food and eating, it is important that we pay attention to the hidden feelings or thoughts that may be silently pushing the problem along. This is often why people struggle to maintain healthier ways of living. They place all of their attention upon their weight or unhelpful eating habits, but forget to explore the difficulties which led them to binge in the first place. While this might not always be easy, it is certainly always rewarding!

It would be a privilege for me to work with you as you undertake this journey, taking your first step towards a healthier and happier way of life.

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