License the Eating Freely™ training and program for your Organisation.

Bring specialist support INTO your organisation to benefit both you and your service users!

What are these common challenges costing you and your clients/patients?

- Non-compliance
- Dropout
- Regression / weight regain
- Higher cost interventions for declining health
- Poor / inconsistent outcomes

The hidden saboteur for many obesity-related health programs is disordered eating, specifically Binge Eating Disorder.

Many healthcare programs currently:

Assess service users and refer on clients who meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder


Ignore/avoid the problem and persist with offering lifestyle change protocols… which DO NOT WORK for adults with long standing Binge Eating Disorder.

of adults seeking weight loss meet the criteria
of adults with Type 2 Diabetes meet the criteria
of bariatric surgery patients meet the criteria
This is a significant cohort of any client or patient population who are either referred out of your service, or contribute to your stats for non-compliance, drop out, weight regain or requiring further costly healthcare – because their health continues to deteriorate.
It does not have to be like this!
Eating Freely™ is a structured, time limited program that can be offered by your team, within your service, to support clients out of disordered eating and into recovery – on every level.

Kelly Killen
CEO of KK Wellness Consultants LLC, Florida

As the owner of KK Wellness Consulting, my team had increasingly been experiencing clients presenting with binge, emotional and stress eating. They were coming to our program for weight loss, and we realised that we needed to expand and broaden our scope of practice to support these clients correctly. After interviewing many programs we decided to partner with Eating Freely.

From the professional training modules, the 24/7 support and community forum, the live calls, and more this is was exactly what my team needed. We are now fully equipped to support clients through therapeutic coaching to gain control of binge and emotional eating first, before they embark on stacking lifestyle habits for sustainable weight loss and health improvement.

Eating Freely offered white labeling to bring all of the materials branded for KK Wellness. The B2B license allows our clients to access a hybrid coaching approach through a structured portal provided by Eating Freely for KKW, and go through a structured online program combined with monthly 1:1 sessions and ongoing email and text support from Licensed Coaches at KKW.

I would strongly recommend this opportunity to any therapy practice, Health & Nutrition Coach teams and anyone serving clients that present with binge and emotional eating patterns. This highly specialised program has finally joined a lot of dots for us and allows us to fully serve many more clients as a result.

Chrissy Suey
KKW Health Coach

What I love about this program is taking the weight loss component out of the picture, clients immediately feel a sense of ease with this. I myself struggled as an anorexic years ago. There is so much of this program that hits home with me, and I feel I can reflect back to my clients to really help them in their binge and emotional eating struggles. What I really like is the program does not feel rushed. As a society we are always rushing from thing to thing, never truly giving ourselves the grace to stop and reflect. This program allows clients to do so.

Thank you so very much for all the time you have taken with us and our company. We are truly grateful for your expertise. I also love how candid you are in the videos and how you made me laugh out loud! You made the program very enjoyable to learn.
Who do we work with?
Weight Loss Service Providers
Diabetes Educators
Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs
EAP Providers | Health Insurers | Gym Franchises | Bariatric Services |

Bridging the gap between mental and physical health for improved outcomes

Adults struggling with long standing emotional eating and binge eating disorder can and will present at every type of mental health, medical health or weight loss support service.

From their EAP health coaching service to bariatric surgery and everything in between, between 30 – 60% of clients and patients are falling through the gaps in services because of a simple lack of in-team training.

Given the average age of our clients is between 35 - 55, we regularly see clients who have spent decades of their lives in a battle with food, weight and their body image - looking for help from industries that do not have the expertise they need to help them.

There is a common misconception across many health and wellness providers that all disordered eating is complex and anyone disclosing any level of disordered eating requires very specialist support from other expert providers outside of your service. This is not true. The reality is, with specialist training, your current team can offer this specialist support as part of your service.
Our Program
Our evidence based, structured program can be offered 1:1 and in groups, virtually or in person. The program is built around four core pillars of support, all underpinned by a trauma informed model of support to:
Episodes of Binge and Emotional Eating
The brain to break Autopillots and Habit Loops
Gut and health through Specialist Nutrition
The negative voice to be nourishing, not punishing
Contact us today about becoming a Licensed Eating Freely™ organisation, dedicated to providing the highest standards of Whole-Person support to your clients or patients.

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