Online Program for Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder

Find True Freedom Around Food, Forever!

Work through a comprehensive online program
With personal support from your dedicated Eating Freely Practitioner – who will be with you every step of the way!

What's Included?

Lifetime access to a comprehensive, award-winning specialist program

Regular feedback by email from your dedicated Eating Freely Practitioner

FOUR 1:1 sessions with your dedicated Eating Freely Practitioner

Once you sign up, you will have LIFETIME access to your online program.

The 16 sessions unlock weekly in order, and you’ll get a weekly email reminder until the whole program is unlocked for you.

Sessions contain combinations of the following:

  • Thera-coaching videos from our Founder, Emma Murphy
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Written and reflective exercises to complete in-session
  • Meditations created by an Eating Freely Practitioner and Hypnotherapist
  • Links to other resources for further reading and watching.
I know you’ll find the program
hugely helpful...

In breaking old and unhelpful patterns of bingeing, restricting and being hard on yourself. I guarantee if you do the work, you can look forward to a future where you are at peace with yourself and your body, and have a far happier, healthier, guilt free relationship with food.

This program, combined with personal support from a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner, will give you everything you need to transform your relationship with food, and your body, FOREVER.

Whats in each session?

Below are a few examples of the core topics and content we cover in our program. Each session will include a comprehensive video, downloadable worksheets, reflective exercises and audio meditation

Session 1:
HALT – Breaking the cycle of emotional & binge eating
Session 2:
Nutritional Rehabilitation - Resetting your relationship 
with food
Session 3:
Nutrition Basics
Session 4:
Neuroscience of binge eating – breaking unhelpful patterns of behavior
Session 5:
Attuned Eating
Session 6:
When/Then – stop putting your life on hold!
Session 7:
Mirror Mirror – separating the past from the present.
Session 8:
Exploring Cravings
Session 9:
Barriers to Change
Session 10:
Payoffs for not Changing - what's keeping you stuck?
Session 11:
Three Audits – Checking in on progress and how to stay on track
Session 12:
Self-Care and Boundaries
Session 13:
All about body Image
Session 14:
True change – the power of self-compassion
Session 15:
The power of forgiveness – for YOU.
Session 16:
Bringing it all together!

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