The Eating Freely™
Online Program.

12 Weeks.
Clinically Validated.

The Eating Freely™ Program is an Award winning 12-week online program combining psychology with nutritional therapy designed specifically for emotional and binge eating and developed by Emma Murphy MIACP, Disordered Eating Specialist for over 12 years.

the Eating Freely™ Program has supported thousands of adults just like you out of emotional eating and binge eating disorder.  

90% of Eating Disorder sufferers are NOT underweight, and they are NOT young women.  

40% of adults with Binge Eating Disorder are Male.

Our clients are often between 35 – 55 years of age.

Anyone over the age of 18 who is struggling in their their relationship with food can use our program to help them finally find freedom around food – forever.


Our award winning Eating Freely program is NOT a Weight Loss Program, it is a GUILT loss Program. Throughout the program, we focus on the Three F’s:

FEED Yourself Properly;


FORGIVE Yourself Quickly; 


FOCUS on Health and Wellbeing, NOT weight loss – for now.

The 12 Week Self Directed
Eating Freely Program.

The Eating Freely Program is a 12 Week Self-Directed Online Course which comprehensively addresses all aspects of a disordered relationship with food, setting you free from guilt and shame around food, and yourself, forever!

The course is delivered in an online, blended learning format. You will combine watching pre-recorded videos with written exercises, self-directed reading and meditations over a 12 week period to complete your comprehensive course.

Combining evidence based therapies, practical tools and resources and above all complete non-judgement and understanding of where you are and what you are struggling with – we CAN help you overcome emotional eating and/or binge eating disorder.

Guilt loss, not weight loss.

Our award winning Eating Freely program is NOT a Weight Loss Program, it is a GUILT loss Program. This evidence-based program combines four pillars of support:

CBT tools to reduce binge eating episodes immediately;

Nutritional Rehabilitation to restore healthy gut function and eat for health, not weight loss diets don't work, you'll learn why on the course!

Neuroscience - to help you break all the old, unhelpful habits and autopilots your brain has stored in your unconscious. Making the unconscious, conscious, gives you CHOICE.

Mindfulness & Self Compassion - because when you begin to treat yourself better, you will choose to eat better, and when you can love yourself enough to let go of what does not serve you, that is when the magic happens.

When you understand how your brain is sabotaging you, when you realise how beating  yourself up encourages bingeing (yes, it does), and when you have our practical toolkit of resources and supports available to you, 24/7 – then you’ll see the changes you’ve longed for, but never achieved through any of the diets or exercise plans

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1-1 Support

Work with one of our fully qualified and Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners, either in-person or online depending on your location and current preference.

 All Practitioners are qualified, accredited and experienced Health Professionals.