Online 12 Week Group Program 

Starts Monday 9th January!


The Eating Freely™
Online GROUP Program

for Emotional Eating
& Binge Eating Disorder.

- STOP emotional & Binge Eating.
- feel better physically & emotionally.
- get busy living!

The Eating Freely™ Program was developed over 12 years of working with adults JUST LIKE YOU.

 Emma Murphy started working with disordered eating clients in 2009 – 4 years before Binge Eating Disorder was identifed as a serious condition affecting millions of adults worldwide.

Emma’s clients were desperate for help.  They had spent YEARS yo-yo dieting, going to the gym, paying for personal trainers, trying every mad and bizarre diet and meal supplement plan going… without EVER getting to the root of the issue – the true, deep triggers that kept them trapped in a cycle of emotional & binge eating.

Through working with many hundreds of clients over 12 years, Emma developed a proven process THAT WORKS.

  The FIRST thing clients want is to feel more in control of their binge eating – reducing episodes straight away.

The SECOND thing clients want is to clear out all the confusing, contradicting food rules and diets they’ve accumulated in their heads, so they know WHAT and HOW to eat.

The THIRD thing clients want is to understand the WHY – why do they binge eat when they desperately want to stop? Why have they no willpower when it comes to binge eating? Why do they keep repeating the same patterns when all they want is peace, and be able to move on with their life?

The FINAL thing clients want is to truly understand themselves, so they can finally let go of everything that no longer serves them. This is where the deeper work happens, but this CANNOT be done before the other three pieces are already in place!


Register before31st December and get 50% off!

Regular fee: €995

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Client feedback on our Online Program

I learned to be kind to myself. I wouldn’t say the things that I say to myself after a binge, to my friend if she was going through the same thing.

Rebecca, 27

Client feedback on our Online Program

I realise that I don’t treat myself very well when I feel that I am failing at something. I want to change this going forward, as it is not healthy for my mind, my body or my heart.

Marianne, 41


Register before31st December and get 50% off!

Regular fee: €995

Christmas Discount: Just €495!

Award Winning
Evidence Based Support.

Our award winning Eating Freely program is NOT a Weight Loss Program, it is a GUILT loss Program. This evidence-based program combines five pillars of support to give you the tools you need to finally break free from emotional & binge eating – FOREVER! 

CBT tools will help you to reduce binge eating episodes immediately.

Nutritional Rehabilitation will restore healthy gut function, teach you how to eat for health, and finally give you a sustainable Eating Plan for Life that WORKS.

Neuroscience helps you break all the old, unhelpful habits and Autopilots your brain has stored away in your unconscious – this is why willpower never works! When you know how to break the Autopilots, you’ll know it was not you, it was your BRAIN keeping you stuck!

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion – because when you treat yourself better, you will choose to eat better.

Looking to the Past – and learning how to love yourself enough to let go of what does not serve you.  This is when the true magic happens.

When you understand how your brain is sabotaging you;

When you realise how beating yourself up encourages binge eating (yes, it does);

and when you have our practical toolkit of resources and supports available to you, 24/7…

Then you’ll see the changes you’ve longed for, but never achieved through any of the diets or exercise plans.


12 weeks of Learning

- Videos
- Downloads
- Written Exercises
- Meditations

Community Chat

Support from us and others just like you

Group Support

Live, weekly group calls with Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners

Client feedback on our Online Program

I realise that I probably am using my weight as a shield and feeling it protects me.

Shannon, 24

Client feedback on our Online Program

I realise that am not alone, and there are things I can do every day to help myself. The HALT chart is a revelation to me. I will use it every day to stop my brain running away with me

Ethan, 27

Give yourself the gift of FREEDOM around food
in 2023!

Group Program starts Monday 9th January 2023.

50% Christmas discount
when you register before 31st December
Regular Fee: €995. EARLY BIRD: €495!

A lifetime of freedom awaits you. So what are YOU waiting for?