The Four Energies of Emotional Eating
A Therapeutic Card Deck for anyone struggling with Emotional or Binge Eating

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Sample Card from the Water or Spiritual Energy suit. This card is called 'Playing Small'.

A water card representing your spiritual energy

So much of the consequences of emotional eating are habits. ‘Habits’ is an innocent sounding word, but many habits are in fact autopilots, patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that the brain has filed away as automatic responses to what is happening around you.  The brain does this for efficiency – imagine if you had to start from scratch every single day having to figure everything out as if for the first time!

However, this efficiency is not always helpful. Your brain has rehearsed thinking constantly about food and your body, worrying about what other people think of you, and internalised automatic habits like refusing invitations, or accepting them but then cancelling for example. With these actions can come a feeling of shame – from ‘I’ve let my friends down’ to ‘I’m too ashamed of my body / myself’.  Ironically, the feeling of shame that comes with these automatic habits is often a trigger for emotional eating. So it’s a double whammy – not only do you not get to spend time with the people who like or love you, you compensate for the disappointment in yourself by eating – and the cycle remains in place.

Is my emotional eating causing me to isolate myself, and miss out on time with friends?

When I refuse or cancel invitations, do I then emotionally eat because I feel bad about it?

Which is more nourishing for me – to isolate myself and spend that time eating, or to go out and spend time with my friends?

his week, say YES to at least one invitation to do something with others, and commit to going.  Or you can reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while and arrange to meet them. This does not have to involve food or drink if that’s a challenge for you.

Can you go for a walk, see a show, go to the cinema or just invite them over to your home for a coffee and catch up? 

Buy your Deck Today! Just $29.98 / €29.98 with FREE Shipping worldwide!

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