Hi there, I'm Emma Murphy.

Hi, I’m Emma Murphy, the Founder and Clinical Director of Eating Freely.

Eating Freely is a comprehensive program that I have developed over 12 years of working with women and men who struggle with food, weight and their body image.

So many of my clients were caught in a cycle of Diet / Crash / Binge/ Guilt / Diet – which never achieved the permanent results they so desperately wanted – to feel comfortable in their own skin.

For 12 years I worked in private practice with clients on all parts of the disordered eating spectrum – from a 5.5 stone client with anorexia who refused to go to inpatient treatment to a morbidly obese client who had two-thirds of her stomach removed before she came to counselling, and everything in between.

Out of this experience I developed Eating Freely, a program specifically for Emotional and Binge Eating – by far the most common form of disordered eating around.

Out of this experience I developed Eating Freely, a program specifically for emotional and binge eating – which is by far the most common form of disordered eating. Did you know that up to 30% of adults seeking weight loss solutions are actually struggling with Binge Eating Disorder? to fully resolve a long standing struggle with food and weight, you need to get to the heart of the problem and that is not food, it is your FEELINGS, and it is often linked back to old trauma or a difficult experience – when you first learned how to self-soothe with food.  

That old situation is long gone, but the memory of how food helped you cope then is still with you, and it has been internalised by your brain as an unconscious safety mechanism. That is why you need some psychological support to help understand why you keep doing what you do, even though you desperately want to stop.

The great news is, you CAN stop binge eating with the correct support, and that is what the Eating Freely™  Program offers you – true freedom around food, forever.

Eating Freely™ is available to you as a self-directed online program, a one to one program with a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner – in person or online depending on your location – and through our small group, exclusive 6-month program and residential retreat. 

So no matter where you are, or what level of support you feel ready for, we can help.

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Emma is an experienced public speaker.

Emma has specialised in Disordered Eating for over 12 years, and has been training professionals in the area of Emotional & Binge Eating for over 5 years. She is recognised internationally as an expert in this specialist area.

Testimonials from IACP Members for Emma’s 1 day Workshop on working with disordered eating:

Excellent training, I’d really recommend it.

Presenter was excellent. She was thoroughly engaging and her pace was perfect. She covered so  much for one workshop. I would definitely sign up for another workshop with Emma in future.

This has been the most interesting & professionally presented workshop that I have attended in quite some time. Thank you very much for your willingness to share and answer all questions, and very well done Emma.

Testimonial from PCHEI Annual Conference:

The feedback so far is overwhelmingly positive with a lot of interest in further training … people loved your irreverence but also appreciated the really clear guidance on boundaries in working with this very complex presentation.
“Excellent workshop. So well-paced and practical and presented in such a refreshing and engaging way.  We all came away with a greater understanding of how to safely intervene in this very complex area. Feedback from a number of delegates was that is was the best workshop we have ever had. Highly recommended.”
Gertie Raftery, Chair PCHEI – Psychological Counsellors in Higher Education of Ireland

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Receiving the Speaker's Plaque at the joint Australian and American Counselling Associations Conference, Brisbane 2019.
Extract from Emma as Guest Speaker with Brent Pope, former Rugby International, Rugby Pundit and Mental Health Advocate - curated series of Wellness Webinars for Forsa members, the 2nd largest trade Union in Ireland. www.forsa.ie

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