Stand out with
Thera-Coach Training in Emotional Eating.

We train and licence qualified health professionals to use our time limited, evidence-based program for adults who struggle with Emotional Eating, Binge Eating & Bulimia.

Help your Clients to find true freedom around food forever

Eating Freely is a comprehensive Program which combines counselling and nutritional therapy to effectively separate food from feelings, and allow your clients to deal with both separately and effectively.

The Life Changing 4 Pillars

Nutritional Health

Physical Health

Mental Health

Body Positivity

Time Limited Goals​

Set Specific time limited Goals and support your clients to:​


Episodes of Emotional Eating, Bingeing & Purging


Their gut and physical health through specialist Nutritional Therapy


That negative critical voice in their head to be kinder and more compassionate


Their brain, by breaking unhelpful Autopilots and Habit Loops


Louise Gartland

Eating Freely Therapist, Dublin - Ireland

Additional Annual Revenue

2 additional clients per month.
3 additional clients per month.


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Listen to Emma Murphy MIACP, Disordered Eating Specialist, speaking with Dermot & Dave on Today FM.


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Move to the next level


Gain advanced skills to better understand your clients and add value to your practice.


Grow your expertise and income over time​ with a time limited program.


Help Clients Overcome Emotional & Binge Eating to achieve truly sustainable weight loss.


You will have constant additional training in psychotherapy, marketing and business.

Free Masterclass

This 1 hour Masterclass will give you a good overview of working in this fascinating area.

  • The four main Eating Disorder diagnoses.
  • Important guidelines on working with ED clients in private practice.
  • The common underlying emotional triggers and psychological events that drive disordered eating.
  • A brief outline of what models work best with ED clients, and why.

This Masterclass is suitable for any qualified health professional with an interest in disordered eating, or student studying in any mental health or health discipline.

This is an online, on-demand video presentation.

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