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Are you an ambitious practitioner who wants to build a busy, thriving practice?

Join our international network of Licensed Eating Freely™ Practitioners!

Your 6 Months to Success

Eating Freely Licensed Practitioners are typically positive, proactive and entrepreneurial health practitioners, who are committed to transforming client’s lives.

If you are passionate about having a positive impact, and have the drive to succeed as a deep specialist in an under-served, high demand area, then let’s talk!

Becoming a Licensed Eating Freely™ Practitioner is a decision to grow and develop both personally AND professionally.

The Eating Freely™ programs deliver deep, impactful change for clients. Going way beyond simple lifestyle changes, our practitioners support their clients to get to the root of their unhelpful relationship with food, and negative relationship with their body and weight.

We support our international network of licensed practitioners with marketing, practice growth, clinical supervision, ongoing continuing education and most of all – a like-minded community of passionate professionals!

Our next Licensed Practitioner intake date is May 2024.

What is the process for joining the
Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner Network?

Applications are now being accepted for our next Licensed Practitioner group, commencing May 2024. Each intake is limited to 8 licensees to ensure plenty of individual support. There are some criteria you must meet in order to join the network.

If you are accepted, you will pay a deposit to secure your place, and payment of the licensing fee will be arranged.

You will join us on your 1 week, in-person intensive here in Ireland. Our next group kicks off with a residential week in May 2024. We’ll be travelling west to the Wild Atlantic Way for a stunning week of learning, connection and a bit of tourism and fun too!

You’ll then enjoy 12 weeks of comprehensive online training and support as you work with paying case study clients to consolidate your learning and delivery of the full Eating Freely™ Program.

After you complete training and working with your first case study clients, you are ready to take full paying clients on your new specialist program! We continue to support you over the following 12 weeks which are dedicated to ensuring you build your practice for success. You’ll complete our Business Coaching Bootcamp, with live online group calls every 2 weeks followed by implementation sprints where you put into action what you are learning.

At the end of this 6-month process, you will have a strong specialist program in place, with regular client referrals and everything you need for success in your practice!

As a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner you can offer:

  • A specialist 3-6 month 1:1 program
  • A lower cost ‘hybrid’ program combining our online program with email support and four 1:1 sessions
  • A specialist 6-month group coaching program
  • A 1 Day Workshop that converts clients

As a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner
we will give you:

Eating Freely™ is a 'done-for-you' specialist program, developed by a disordered eating specialist Psychotherapist over 10 years in practice.

Evidence-based and structured, it gives clients confidence and clarity in their decision to work with you.

We have over 50 practitioners across 10 countries. You can join us, and be part our vision to be the World's Leading Network of Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder Specialists, changing lives every day for the better... including yours!

Why join us

Move from being a Generalist to a Specialist practitioner and stand out as an expert in a high-demand area.
Increase your income by offering a structured, specialist program to clients. No more session-to-session uncertainty!
Experience ongoing growth and support with clinical supervision, business coaching and deeper training.
Develop a career pathway – Our ongoing CE/CPD training will develop your skills and support you to be the deep specialist 
YOU want to be.
Pam Goodman, Addiction and Eating Disorders Specialist Therapist, Cape Town

The value for me was extraordinary. The course challenged me to dig deeper, to reconnect with my passion for this work. I am forever grateful.

Honestly, I think that this course is amazing - practical, concise and so useful. I think the price is so reasonable for the value - even for us in South Africa where most training fees are a challenge because of our currency exchange rate.

Pam has worked in addiction and eating disorders for many years, and joined our training to refresh and update her skills.

Louise George
Psychotherapist and Yoga Instructor, Cork
Having worked as a therapist in Eating Disorders services in the UK for over a decade I was very curious to learn more about the Eating Freely approach to therapy for people with emotional eating. I have to say that found the whole program to be extremely comprehensive! Emma has used her vast knowledge and experience of working with clients to produce a well tested and systematic approach to tackling binge eating.

When the client first enters the program there are a range of easy to use and well thought out practical and cognitive tools to help get their eating behaviours back on track. Each of the early sessions has a particular area to focus on, which I have found really helps me as the therapist to address the disordered eating in a very logical and orderly way.

Explanatory and educational videos are presented online for the client to back up all the information given by the therapist in the sessions, and there is a private support group that clients have access to throughout the programme too. Once the client has begun to stabilise their eating patterns then the therapist can begin to explore more of the deeper underlying issues in more detail... Addressing trauma, family dynamics, unmet needs, inner child work, and so on. There is a strong focus within the program on self love, self-care, and on building self-esteem, and the program also supplies guided meditations to the therapist to assist with this. Clients are constantly encouraged throughout the program to focus on finding healthier ways to meet the emotional needs that their disordered eating previously served to conceal.

I would highly recommend the Eating Freely training to any therapist looking for a tried and tested approach to working with clients with emotional eating, and I am very happy to be part of the Eating Freely team.
Kirsty McIntyre,
Health Coach and Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner, Dubai.
As a coach with my own personal experience in emotional eating and BED, I was interested in working in this area but was unsure how to begin supporting clients with such a complex topic. Not only was the Eating Freely training fascinating on a personal level, but it gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to support clients fully and safely.

I'm now confident that I have a well-structured program to offer clients and as a Licensed Practitioner, I'm able to lean on the network of therapists, nutritionists and coaches. The support of the network has been invaluabvle as a someone with a solo coaching practice.
Lauren Bongiorno,
Founder and CEO of Risely Health, USA
After three years of practicing as a Nationally Board Certified Coach with my company, Risely Health, specializing in Type 1 Diabetes Coaching, I found myself in need of fulfilling my continuing education requirements. That's when I discovered the Eating Freely Program. Instantly, I recognized that this program was an area I wanted to explore.
In the healthcare system, much of the focus on diabetes revolves around carb counts and portion control, often overlooking the complex relationship individuals have with food. Many of our clients come to us struggling with this very challenge.

This 12-week training program significantly boosted my confidence and coaching abilities, enabling me to better support individuals with Type 1 diabetes in their journey from shame and fear to a place of true self-love and peace of mind with food
Pam Goodman, Addiction and Eating Disorders Specialist Therapist, Cape Town

Tony Shaked
Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner, Cape Town

Marcie Desmond, NBC-HWC

Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner specialising in Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder.

What does it take to be a successful Licensed practitioner?

1. You are a fully qualified health professional – Health Coach, Registered Nutritional Therapist or Dietician, Psychotherapist, MLSW, Psychologist or Medical Professional

2. You are already in practice with clients who regularly disclose emotional/binge eating

3. You are now looking to move to the next level in your practice – becoming a deep specialist in an under-served, in-demand area within an international network of specialists.

4. You are ready to be a proactive marketer and networker, you either already know how to sell services and create collaborative opportunities or you are willing to learn and implement strategic marketing campaigns.

5. You’re already comfortable working 1:1, in groups and presenting, or you are keen to start expanding your skills into these areas. You are ready to be a thought leader and expert!

6. You are comfortable with technology and software and/or ready to learn how to leverage technology for your business.
Kirsty McIntyre, Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner, Dubai.

We are on a mission to be the world’s leading network of emotional eating and binge eating disorder specialists, and ensure anyone, anywhere can access specialist support when they need it.

Thats our goal -

will you join us?

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