Become a Licensed Eating Freely™ Practitioner, Centre or Territory Owner and join our international community of passionate professionals!

The Opportunity for YOU.

Becoming a Licensed Eating Freely™ Practitioner, Centre or Territory Owner is a decision to grow and develop both personally and professionally.  

Invest in yourself and a business that provides the REAL key to fully resolving long-standing emotional eating and binge eating disorder.

Enjoy knowing that the service you offer is ethical, evidence-based, clinically validated and can deliver significant impact – both you and your clients benefit!

Our network has over 40 active practitioners and we are growing internationally. Our practitioners are located everywhere from Ireland and the UK to the USA, Singapore and South Africa. 

Join us, and be part our vision to be the World’s Leading Network of Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder Specialists, changing lives every day for the better. 

Success Stories from one of our Practitioners - and her client!

Meet Sue Boad, one of our Practitioners in Wexford, Ireland.   Sue is a Psychotherapist and has developed a niche working online with international clients seeking our specialist support. As well as female clients, Sue works with a lot of male clients online.

Now meet Melanie, one of Sue’s online clients, who found us online and worked with Sue from Johannesburg, South Africa.  Since finishing the program Melanie’s life has been transformed, she now lives happily and healthily in Italy. 

Being in the Eating Freely™ network will allow you to:

Move from being a Generalist to a Specialist practitioner or centre;

Offer an evidence-based program to clients as part of an accredited network;

Be part of an International community of Coaches and Therapists, who are passionate about sharing with and supporting each other;

Experience ongoing growth and support in your work with monthly group supervision calls;

Develop a career pathway – a difficult thing to do as a Solopreneur Therapist or Coach!  Our CE/CPD training will develop your skills with modular trainings that build incrementally towards the deep specialist YOU want to be.

Territory Owners will build their own specialist network of practitioners and centres in their area, and finally offer their client base a validated, ethical program that finally resolves their dysfunctional relationship with food, FOREVER!


Practitioner Feedback


You can expect to build a thriving business that serves one of the most prevalent health issues today – Binge Eating Disorder. 

You can make a difference by finally offering an evidence-based, therapy based solution to the 30% of adults seeking weight loss, who meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder;

Binge Eating Disorder impacts women and men almost equally too – 40% of sufferers are male, and there are few supports and very little awareness of the impact Binge Eating Disorder has on men.

You can be part of our mission to significantly disrupt the current ‘diet culture’ and the weight loss industry by offering a health-based, psychology based, clinically validated program to individuals, groups and forward thinking organisations;

You can be part of a global movement to change 250,000 lives in the next three  years. That’s our goal – will you join us?

How do I get started?

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