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I’m so pleased you are interested in taking your practice, knowledge and skills to the next level by specialising in emotional eating & binge eating disorder!

Please take some time to read through our information pack which you can download now with a click of the button above.  We’ve covered everything you need to know in the pack, including all the information summarised below in the FAQ!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches USA (NBHWC) 

The UK Health Coaches Association (UKHCA)

Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP)

Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI)

The CPD Certification Service in the UK – globally recognised.

12 weeks of online,  internationally CE/CPD recognised training, and a fully Done For You specialist program and all the materials, handouts and resources you need to offer your clients.

Being a practitioner in private practice can be a lonely business! Our vibrant international  community offers significant support and ongoing learning as different practitioners from different disciplines share tools & resources and offer feedback and support for questions or challenges.

Our team of highly experienced facilitators are all in practice just like you and are available to help you on an ongoing basis.

We facilitate monthly peer group supervision sessions for our practitioners.

Our Practitioners benefit from support in local and online marketing. You will be given all the materials you need to run:

  • A 1 hour webinar;
  • A 1 day paid workshop;
  • A 5 Day Challenge;

You’ll have ongoing access to branded printable materials – posters or cards to distribute locally, from community centres to healthcare centres or local gyms.

A website pack to feature your new specialist skill on your website.

You’ll be featured on our Practitioners Directory on our main website, and benefit from our centralised marketing and awareness raising campaigns.

Your clients will be supported with comprehensive online materials they can access and use between sessions and after they finish working with you. Very few practitioners can offer what we provide as standard for all clients – lifetime access to a comprehensive online program, a mindful eating journal and a workbook.  

It is important to note that you are buying into a licensing network.  This is not ‘just’ CE / CPD approved training! 

As a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner your license includes:

– Comprehensive, CE / CPD approved training as a Specialist in Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder;

– A fully ‘Done for You’ 3 – 6 month specialist program you offer clients for a set fee.  We recommend a fee of $1,500 for the 3 Month Program and $2,400 for the 6 Month Program. See “What sort of return can I expect on my investment?” for more details; 

– Membership of the Licensed Practitioner Network –  our vibrant international online community of passionate professionals like you, ongoing access to our team of trainers and other supports like monthly peer group supervision;

– Marketing support – from inclusion on our Practitioner Directory so clients can find you, to a range of online and print materials and resources to use;

– An additional client service you can offer – a Done for You 1 Day Workshop manual & materials (which almost always results in 1:1 client signups);

– The opportunity to earn referral fees when you recommend our network to other like-minded professionals.

As a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner you will be expected to use the program with clients regularly once you complete training, to ensure you remain familiar with the material, practice your new skills and develop your knowledge and expertise in this specialist area through practical client work.

Your license renews annually subject to you being an active participant in the network and meeting the above requirement.


Single Payment Option: $10k  

Instalment Option: Pay a deposit of $2,500 and 11 monthly instalments of $765.

Once you have completed our comprehensive 12 week training, you will have a fully ‘Done for You’ specialist program to offer clients as either a 3 month or 6 month package option.

You will also have the manual and all materials to offer a paid 1 Day Workshop to clients, which is also a great way to upsell your 1:1 program(s).


The fee you charge clients for a 6-month specialist program to resolve their long-standing emotional eating, binge eating disorder or bulimia should be at least $2,400.  This equates to roughly $160 per session. 

We work this out on this basis:

You will offer c.15 sessions to the client over a 24 week period – 6 months.

The first 4 – 6 sessions happen weekly – 4 – 6 weeks.

Thereafter you have sessions fortnightly – 9 – 10 sessions over 18 – 20 weeks.

 Along with their 1-1 sessions with you , your client receives instant, lifetime access to the Eating Freely online program – designed to help keep them on track between sessions and after their 6-month contract with you ends.  They also receive the Mindfulness for Emotional Eating Journal and the Eating Freely Workbook that accompanies the online program.

Just one client a month for 9 months on this basis will generate $21,600 in revenue for you.


Some clients may not require a full 6 month program of support. For these clients you can offer a 3 month program to clients comprising 8 sessions over 12 weeks, choosing a customised range of sessions to suit the client, and you should charge around $1,500 for this. These clients also receive lifetime access to the Eating Freely Online Program, their mindful eating journal and Eating Freely workbook.

Just one client a month for 9 months on this basis will generate $13,500 in revenue for you.


Remember, as  Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner you will also receive the manual and all materials to offer a paid 1 Day Workshop for clients, and this workshop is a great opportunity to upsell participants to your 1:1 specialist program(s).

If you run 3 One Day Workshops with 15 participants at $125 per person, that’s an additional $5,625 in revenue – plus any upsells to your 1:1 program(s).


1-1 Clients @ 6 months program

1 new client a month @ 9 months


1-1 Clients @ 3 months program

1 new client a month @ 9 months


1 Day Workshop

15 ptnts @ $125

e.g. 1 x January, 1 x April, 1 x October

$  5,625




In year 2, subject to you meeting the criteria for re-licensing, your re-licensing fee is $2,995.

This includes a CE/CPD approved training to become a Licensed Eating Freely Group Facilitator. Group work offers significantly higher revenue potential as you work with up to 12 clients at a time.


1-1 Clients @ 6 months program

1 new client a month


1-1 Clients @ 3 months program

1 new client a month


1 Day Workshop

4 x Workshops – 15 ptnts @$125

$  7,500

2 x Group Program

12 Weeks – 12 ptnts @ $997







In the unlikely event that you wish to cancel your contract with us we are happy to offer refunds, subject to certain criteria.

It might be worth mentioning that in over five years of training well over 100 professionals we have had only two refund requests!

Our refund policy is pretty straightforward and reasonable.


First, you have a 14 day cooling off period where you can request a full refund of any fees paid with no questions asked. This is a legally protected right in Ireland, where we are headquartered.


Once the training period begins, you are deemed to have entered into a binding contract which secured an allocated place in the training group you are part of. 

If you paid in full, you can request a 50% refund.

If you chose the instalment option, you will be expected to pay any balance of 50% of the full fee owed.

We cannot replace anyone mid-training, the retained 50% covers all training materials, the cost of training delivery, trainer fees and administrative staff costs and the vacant place a withdrawal creates in the network. 

You will have benefited from the training or portion of training you attended through the knowledge and support you will receive – that can’t be returned to us. However we will expect you to return all printed materials you received before we initiate a refund.


We outline how Licensed Practitioners can easily recoup and significantly exceed their initial investment amount within the first year. See “What sort of return can I expect on my investment?”

However, if we know you have implemented your learning, used our marketing materials and engaged with us regularly for support in securing clients – but for whatever reason DO NOT fully recoup your investment by the end of your first 12 months with us, we will gladly refund you the shortfall between your investment and the income you earned from Eating Freely program clients.

Should you choose this money back guarantee option, you will be opting out of the Licensed Eating Freely network and will not be permitted to use any materials provided by us and covered under our copyright and IP protections, or deliver any version or portion of the Eating Freely Program thereafter.


If for any reason you are unable to practice and therefore cannot integrate the Eating Freely Program into your practice, these circumstances will be supported on a case by case basis and in a fair and equitable manner.


We are actively seeking strategic partners who will take Territory Licenses for either States or Countries. Please contact us to discuss as every territory is different. 

Subject to suitability, the first step is a paid consultancy contract that runs for 3 months to develop the territory business plan and ensure you can be successful as a Territory Licensee.

We require any centres to have at least 3-4 suitably qualified  practitioners who will offer the program to clients. The licenses belong to the center, not the individual practitioners.

We have a protocol by which a practitioner can be ‘replaced’ on a license should they leave your center. We also have a protocol for ‘leaving practitioners’ to take an individual license if they wish to continue offering the program. Practitioners will agree to the terms and sign a contract to this effect before commencing training.

If your practitioners are not trained in nutrition, you will need a nutrition professional to provide that element of the program to clients.

You will be the local Eating Freely Center of Excellence and there will be no other center within a reasonable radius to ensure you are the ‘Go To’ location for clients.

If your practitioners are salaried/paid by you, and you are a practitioner yourself:

You will attend the training along with your practitioners;

You will then conduct the consultations with prospective clients, charge the fee you set for the specialist Eating Freely Program and pass the clients to your practitioners.  This should allow you retain a portion of each program fee for the center, once the hourly rate is higher than the rate you offer your practitioners. 

If you are not a practitioner yourself:

You will need a senior practitioner to conduct the consultations on behalf of the team, OR you can allow the practitioners themselves to do their own consultations. However we find practitioners in centers generally do not want to ‘sell’, it’s usually preferable that the center provides referrals to them.

Yes, we are happy to discuss your organisation becoming a Licensed Eating Freely Program Provider.

The key benefit of standardised training to deliver a structured program is of course consistency of service to clients/users.  When everyone is trained in the same evidence-based protocol, all clients / service users across all units are guaranteed the same high quality support.

Licensing the Eating Freely program is suitable for:

Employee Assistance Program Providers;

Multi-site healthcare providers;

In-House corporate wellness providers;

Health Insurers who offer preventative/early intervention support to customers through their own team of Health Coaches/Behavioral Health Counselors.

As a licensed organisation, your service users will have the option to access an online self-directed program and materials if they are not-yet-ready to engage with a health professional 1:1, or work with a member of your team 1:1 over 3 – 6 months using the Eating Freely Program.

In certain circumstances we can  provide white label training to upskill your team(s) as Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder Specialists. 

Please enquire directly with Emma on emma@eatingfreely.com or book a zoom call below.


I am looking forward to meeting you!

Emma Murphy_Eating Freely