Grow your practice and income as a Specialist in a significantly underserved and in-demand area.

Run a thriving business that has significant positive impact!

NEXT START DATE: 13th February 2023.
Duration: 12 Weeks Online
CPD / CE Credits: 36

Are you a Health Coach, Therapist or Nutritionist?

The Opportunity for YOU.


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Please note you must be a qualified Health Professional or have a qualified Health Professional involved in your business in order to join our network or license our training/program.

Becoming a Licensed Eating Freely™ Practitioner, Centre or Territory Owner is a decision to grow and develop both personally and professionally.  

Invest in yourself and a business model that provides the REAL key to fully resolving long-standing emotional eating and binge eating disorder.

Our Practitioners can fully recover their investment with just four clients, and with just two new clients a month, you can increase your income by over $30,000 in your first year.

Clients want certainty! “How many sessions?” and “How much will it cost?” are questions they want answered. 

Offering a ‘done-for-you’ evidence based specialist program for a set period of time or number of sessions at a set fee gives clients confidence and clarity in their decision to work with you.

Plus you can be confident that the service you offer is ethical, evidence-based, clinically validated and can deliver significant impact – how does that sound?

Our network has over 100 Practitioners, over 50 of whom are listed on our directory and we are expanding internationally. Our practitioners are located everywhere from Ireland and the UK to the USA, Singapore and South Africa. 

Join us, and be part our vision to be the World’s Leading Network of Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder Specialists, changing lives every day for the better… including yours! 


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Our CEO, Emma Murphy MIACP had over 12 years of experience working with many hundreds of clients both 1:1 and in group, and presenting workshops to thousands more.  

Since 2017 our network of specialist practitioners has steadily grown, and their experience of the feedback from clients mirrors hers.

The two key services that clients have cycled in and out of over many years, with NO PERMANENT SUCCESS, are gyms/personal trainers and of course dieting / weight loss programs.

Given the average age of our clients is between 35 – 55, we regularly see clients who have spent decades of their lives in a battle with food, weight and their body image – looking for help from industries that do not have the expertise they need to help them.

There are commonly co-occurring conditions that clients present with too – type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease, underactive thyroid, PCOS, endometriosis, and either active type 2 diabetes or they’ve been told they are ‘pre-diabetic’.

Yet diabetes educators and other health professionals working with these clients on their health, are not trained in resolving Binge Eating Disorder.

Bariatric surgery is a growth industry given the high and still growing obesity rates worldwide.  Yet screening for disordered eating is rarely if ever done. In fact our research into bariatric patient support confirms that patients are assessed, deemed suitable/unsuitable, left sitting on a waiting list with little to no psychological support pre-surgery, and very often ‘disappear’ post surgery. Follow up is difficult, and weight regain within 3-5 years is common.  

A routine screening, a specialist time-limited program to engage clients during the waiting period and some additional support post-surgery to ensure the tools and resources are actively used.  This one change alone to your patients’ journey can be transformational – for both the patients AND your success statistics.

It’s no longer acceptable to look at clients – PEOPLE – through just one lens, of ‘fitness’, or ‘health’, or ‘medicine’.  They’ve lived rich and complex lives, suffered adverse experiences, and up to 30% of YOUR service users have developed a coping strategy of using food/eating as a way of coping. Binge Eating Disorder IS resolvable, but it requires specialist intervention.

It’s not hard to introduce the correct support that almost ONE THIRD of your service users need.

Contact us today about becoming a Licensed Eating Freely™ organisation, dedicated to providing the highest standards of Whole-Person support to your clients or patients.


Why Join Us?

Being in the Eating Freely™ network will allow you to:

Move from being a Generalist to a Specialist practitioner or centre;

Increase your income by offering a structured, evidence-based 3 – 6 month program to clients;

Be part of an International community of Coaches and Therapists, who are passionate about sharing with and supporting each other;

Experience ongoing growth and support in your work with monthly group supervision calls and ongoing peer and professional support;

Develop a career pathway – a difficult thing to do as a Solopreneur Therapist or Coach!  Our CE/CPD training will develop your skills with modular trainings that build incrementally towards the deep specialist YOU want to be.

Territory Owners will build their own specialist network of practitioners and centres in their area, and finally offer their client base a validated, ethical program that finally resolves their dysfunctional relationship with food, FOREVER!


Success Stories from our Practitioners!

Victoria Webster
Clinical Psychologist
South Africa

“I joined the Eating Freely network after several years working in the field of eating disorders and with many clients struggling with their eating, weight and body image.

I learnt a lot during this time but it was through the Eating Freely Program that I was able to pull all my learnings together.  I now feel incredibly empowered by the perspective that this training gave me – an understanding of the bigger picture.

I feel I have integrated steps and structure into my thinking and some really helpful practical and realistic tools that my clients can use. The training also gave me a thorough understanding of the unique difficulties that these clients face.

The program works in a step-by step manner and it is clear it was developed with the client’s mindset and unique challenges in mind.  I also really appreciate that this training was delivered with an emphasis on compassion and self-compassion, which is not always the direction that health-care professionals in this field take.

The weekly live calls facilitated not only professional development but personal development in which I felt supported and free to express my views and personal difficulties with my specific clients.

I feel this training is an important investment for any health care professional who wants to work with clients in a way that is realistic and has real outcomes. It was a very worthwhile experience and I look forward to using the structure that this program has given me with many future clients.”

Victoria Webster, Clinical Psychologist

Johannesburg – South Africa

Sue Boad

Doing the training for the Eating Freely and learning so much about disordered eating and binge eating has enhanced my knowledge beyond belief I now have greater understanding on how food is connected to early childhood emotional experiences, and how clients still use this coping mechanism in their adult life — well beyond its usefulness for them.

This program is user-friendly, clients understand it without feeling overwhelmed and the order that the sessions are done really enable clients to progress at a good pace. 

Having the deeper sessions towards the end of the program gives clients and practitioner time to build the therapeutic relationship, thus, trust and safety are in place for the deeper work to happen.

My practice has been enhanced through this course, and on a personal level I have also made significant changes in eating habits! 

One of the main areas that really ‘fits and sticks’ with clients is the neuroscience piece – how the brain works with regard to autopilots, hormones and neurotransmitters being triggered. I feel this gives clients a ‘logical’ and very helpful explanation of what is actually going on and then the easy workable tools to reduce and resolve these old, unhelpful habits.

Sue Boad, Psychotherapist 


You can expect to build a thriving business that serves one of the most prevalent health issues today – Binge Eating Disorder. 

We support our Practitioners to market their new specialist skill, and guarantee a measurable return on their investment in becoming a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner.

You can make a difference by finally offering an evidence-based, therapy based solution to the 30% of adults seeking weight loss, who meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder;

Binge Eating Disorder impacts women and men almost equally too – 40% of sufferers are male, and there are few supports and very little awareness of the impact Binge Eating Disorder has on men.

You can be part of our mission to significantly disrupt the current ‘diet culture’ and the weight loss industry by offering a health-based, psychology based, clinically validated program to individuals, groups and forward thinking organisations;

You can be part of a global movement to change 250,000 lives in the next three  years. 

That’s our goal – will you join us?

On the left, just some of our practitioners!