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A Health Professional  passionate about helping clients as a Specialist in Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder?   

A Health or Therapy Centre owner looking to bring a new, specialist and high demand service to existing and new clients?

An individual or group looking for a great business opportunity that can have significant social impact?

Become a Licensed Eating FreelyPractitioner,  Centre or  Territory Owner and join our international community of Passionate Professionals! 

Why Join Eating Freely™?

Eating Freely is about so much more than just training to work with clients with Emotional Eating & Binge Eating.  Our goal is to create a genuine, compassion-led movement that supports both all our Clients AND our therapists to not just survive, but to thrive.

Dieting, Weight Loss, Overeating, Restriction, Body Image, Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, Bulimia…..

As a health professional in any discipline, it is unlikely you will go any length of time without having clients who are struggling with one or more of the above issues.  The problem is, when does their presenting problem tip over from support around food, weight loss and exercise and into Disordered Eating?

How does it feel when you’ve developed a relationship of trust with a client, only to realise the issue they presented with is not the real issue at all?

How frustrating is it to realise that behavior change will only ever go so far, and you don’t yet have the deeper skills to bring about transformation for clients?

When you Don’t Know What You Don’t Know…

Quite apart from every client we have ever had being in and out of every diet and weight loss program imaginable, I’ve lost count of the clients who have told me they went to see someone else before me, and although that other professional was able to help with their anxiety/relationship breakup/work related stress, the client will tell me  “they didn’t really do anything about the food”, or “I don’t think they understood about my eating, they just ignored it”, or “they said if I sorted out my anxiety the emotional eating would go away, but it hasn’t”.

We know that up to 30% of adults seeking support with weight loss actually meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder…

…and they will NEVER find the solution they are looking for in a diet or weight loss program, because those service providers do not understand Binge Eating Disorder, which is an emotional and mental health issue, NOT a food or weight issue. 

Emotional eating is not about food, it is about feelings, and it is almost always linked back to trauma.  So it is essential to know how to separate food from feelings, and the past from the present, leaving the client to fully move on with their life.

These clients are significantly under-served – by the weight loss industry to be sure, but also by Coaches and Therapists who do not have the specialist skills to resolve disordered eating.

This specialist service is in high demand – 30% of adults within the US$100 billion+ weight loss industry cannot find the help they truly need.  That’s where we come in.


 The Opportunity for YOU.

Becoming a Licensed Eating FreelyPractitioner, Centre or Territory Owner is a decision to grow and develop both personally and professionally.  Invest in yourself and a business that provides the REAL key to emotional eating and binge eating disorder.

Being in the Eating Freely network will allow you to:

Move from being a Generalist to a Specialist;

Offer an evidence-based program to clients as part of an accredited network;

Be part of an International community of Coaches and Therapists, who are passionate about sharing with and supporting each other;

Experience ongoing growth and support in your work with monthly group supervision calls;

Develop a career pathway – a difficult thing to do as a Solopreneur Therapist or Coach!  Our CE/CPD training will develop your skills with modular trainings that build incrementally towards the deep specialist YOU want to be.


You can expect to develop a successful, busy practice as a specialist in a high-demand area;

You can expect regular referrals coming from effective marketing;

You can expect to work smarter, not harder;

You can expect ongoing support from our international community of practitioners, AND ongoing support from your training facilitators, all of whom are still in practice themselves.


You can expect to build a thriving business that serves the second most prevalent* mental health issue today – Binge Eating Disorder.  Binge Eating Disorder impacts women and men almost equally too – 40% of sufferers are male, and there are few supports and very little awareness of the impact Binge Eating Disorder has on men.

You can make a difference by finally offering an evidence-based, therapy based solution to the 30% of adults seeking weight loss, who meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder;

You can be part of our mission to significantly disrupt the current ‘diet culture’ and the weight loss industry by offering a health-based, psychology based, clinically validated program to individuals, groups and forward thinking organisations;

You can be part of a global movement to change 250,000 lives in the next three  years. That’s our goal – will you join us?

*Anxiety is the top mental health issue, impacting 1 in 5  at some point in our lives.


To learn more about joining our licensed practitioner network, email emma@eatingfreely.com. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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