Frequently Asked Questions

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Our training has been awarded CPD points by the IACP in Ireland, the CPD Certification Service in the UK – which is globally recognised – and the Australian Counselling Association. 

Our training is now available online, on a monthly enrollment basis.  The online program is run part time over 5 weeks.  You start with a group at the beginning of a month and work with that group over 5 weeks.

Each week, you will need around 6.5 hours to dedicate to the training.  You will have 3-4 video modules to watch, written exercises to complete, additional reading to do and attendance at a weekly, Online Live Group Call.

An 80% attendance on live calls is required to be signed off as an Eating Freely Practitioner and be awarded CPD points.

Our vision is to create a training and support community like nothing else.  Apart from CPD approved  clinical training, our Therapists benefit from both training in local marketing, AND centralised marketing from Eating Freely HQ. We also run business development workshops for our community, as Therapists generally do not ‘love’ the business side of Therapy! Ready to Go branded marketing materials, peer support from our community, and regular peer group supervision are all benefits of joining us.

Part of our training includes a comprehensive consultation process for clients enquiring about the program. We give you step by step support in featuring Eating Freely on your website (if you have one), accepting and conducting online consultations, and guiding clients through the process of joining the program. All of our Therapists are also featured on the Eating Freely website with easy contact buttons for local clients to connect with you.

You can do as much or as little marketing as you wish. Not only can you confidently offer online consultations, but you can also run free talks in your area, advertise with local GP’s and medical centres, and even offer a full one day workshop that potential clients pay to attend – all ‘Done For You’ through our Community Resources for Therapists.