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The Eating Freely Program

This is our full Practitioners training for therapists and coaches who wish to become Eating Freely Practitioners, specialising in Binge Eating Disorder which covers the spectrum from yo-yo dieting to emotional eating to binge eating disorder.

The Eating Freely Program incorporates the use of several core CBT tools for clients to use in order to reduce episodes of binge eating. By quickly introducing and breaking the cycle of Thoughts – Feelings – Behaviours in the context of emotional and binge eating, clients connect the behaviour to specific emotion/events, and can then break the connection.  CBT in the early sessions also paves the way for the Neuroscience elements later on.

The Eating Freely Program offers clients a blended model of psychotherapy and nutritional therapy. Practitioners on our training learn about the gut/brain connection, hormonal and other imbalances that can occur as a result of sustained disordered eating, common co-occurring health conditions in BED clients and the negative impact that long term ‘yo-yo’ dieting has on both physical and mental health.

Practitioners will be able to track elements of the client’s progress or identify ambivalence or lack of engagement in the program through their understanding of the biology/physiology of Binge Eating Disorder.

The specialist nutritional therapy element is provided to the client by our Eating Freely trained, Registered Nutritional Therapists.

The Eating Freely Program uses neuroscience to a) clarify to clients the impact of a maladaptive stress response over time and b) offer new ways to effectively break old habits which are linked to the brain’s Autopilot function.

  • The role of the brain’s Fight/Flight/Freeze/Fawn response as a maladaptive safety mechanism, and how it can be interrupted/resolved;
  • The Autopilot/Habit Loop, how it can be broken and how to create new neural pathways that reduce fear and the stress response over time;
  • This paves the way to  mindfulness by teaching clients how to become more aware of what is happening at a sub/unconscious brain level.

The Eating Freely Program is underpinned by the theme of self-care and self-acceptance. Practitioners will be introduced to a model of self-love and compassion that is transformative for clients. Mindfulness runs through this component of the learning also as it is connected to the ‘Inner Critical Voice’ that disordered eating clients universally experience. Practitioners will learn the elements of mindful practice are most helpful to BED clients, and how mindfulness underpins the neuroscience, self-love and care, and the nutritional rehabilitation (mindful eating) components of the program.

There are two other components within the program that are usually central to a Binge Eating Disorder client’s experience, they have experienced some kind of trauma or adverse childhood event, and their brain is therefore wired slightly differently as a result - unconsciously linking food (self-soothing) with distress (stemming from an inability to emotionally self-regulate).

Practitioners will be introduced to several tools and exercises to use with clients to open up and facilitate discussion and reflection on these areas. A central theme running through the entire program and addressed over two sessions directly later in the program is deep self-acceptance/self-love, and letting go of what no longer serves. We invite the client to come home to the truth of who they really are, allowing deep reconnection and reintegration with themselves to happen.

Try our Free On-Demand Masterclass to get a flavour of how we work!

We provide three levels of training, to suit all health professionals​

Free Masterclass

We offer a free, on demand 1 hour masterclass for anyone to view, which gives a good introduction to working with disordered eating clients, and how our program works specifically for emotional/binge eating.

Practitioners Training

This is our full clinical training for Coaches and Psychotherapists who wish to become Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners, specialising in Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder. This training has been awarded CPD points for a total of 24 hours.

How we help you to grow your practice

Stand out from the crowd with a 'done for you' specialist 6 month program

Be part of a collaborative community with ongoing learning and support to keep growing

Develop new Thera-Coaching skills to significantly improve your client outcomes

Up to 30% of adults seeking weight loss solutions meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder.

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will join our community of Eating Freely Practitioners and benefit from peer support, ongoing learning, collaboration and fun!