Eating Freely
Program for
Emotional &
Binge Eating

Eating Freely is a comprehensive Program which combines counselling and nutritional therapy to effectively separate food from your feelings, and allow you to deal with both -separately and effectively.


Episodes of Bingeing and Emotional Eating


Your gut and health through Nutritional Therapy


Your brain, by teaching you how to break Autopilots and Habit Loops


That negative critical voice in your head to be kinder

The Program is highly structured with loads of personal support
included to help you get on track, and stay on track







The 12 sessions

You will have 12 sessions with your Eating Freely therapist, which are 50 minutes long. We will start weekly and go to fortnightly later in the program. During these sessions we will cover:

The beginning of your program is focused on giving you practical tools for immediately reducing your episodes of emotional and binge-eating. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT is designed to break the cycle of Thoughts – Feelings – Behaviours, and give you new ways of  mindfully RESPONDING to trigger, instead of mindlessly REACTING by eating to calm yourself down.

When you have swung between diet/restriction and binge eating for years, your poor gut is significantly impacted.

Our program includes comprehensive gut rehabilitation AND developing a new Eating Plan for Life with the help of your personal Nutritional Therapist.  Within 2-3 weeks you will notice improvements in your mood, energy and sleep.

The Neuroscience of eating, and the good news is, it is not you or your willpower, it is your BRAIN that makes you binge eat!

When you understand the Autopilot and Habit Loops in your brain, then you can break those cycles.

First, we need to dial down that inner critical voice in your head.

Then we go deeper, separating the past from the present, deleting those old messages and allowing you to fully move forward with your life on every level.


Nutritional Therapist

You will also have 2 sessions with an Eating Freely Nutritional Therapist to give you your personalised Gut Rehabilitation and Eating Freely For Life plan.


Eating Freely App

Along with your individual sessions with us, you will have lifetime access to a private online program, and membership of the Eating Freely App.

Dieting sets you up for a deprivation mindset, the feeling of "I can't have".

Dieting reduces your entire self-worth to a number - on a scale, or a label.

Dieting tells you every single hour of every day that you are
"not good enough"
the way you are.

Dieting triggers bingeing and overeating.

The fee for this proven and comprehensive program.


Payable in three easy instalments of €499.

The Program includes:

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