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Become a specialist in Overeating, Body Image, Emotional Eating, Binge Eating and Bulimia.

Why us

In the last year we have supported more than 2,000 clients in America, UK, Ireland and Australia.

Eating Freely Institute train and licence qualified health professionals to use our time limited, evidence-based program for adults who struggle with Emotional Eating, Binge Eating & Bulimia

Success story


Jennifer's story is a really interesting case study, as it disproved a couple of common beliefs Therapists can have, and yielded some surprising research findings that we all learned from!

Jennifer is based in Wexford, Ireland and she was worried about the fee we charge clients for our Eating Freely Program – she wasn’t sure that people in her area would have that amount of money to pay for therapy.
After completing the training, it appeared  that Jennifer was right – other areas of Ireland were responding well to our online marketing and clients were booking appointments, but in Wexford…. virtual tumbleweed. It seemed nobody in Wexford struggled with food, their weight, or binge eating disorder.  Except that we know Wexford, and we KNOW there are thousands of potential clients for Eating Freely in this particular county!
So was Jennifer right? Was it about the fee? Could nobody in Wexford afford the Eating Freely Program?  Had Jennifer wasted her money by joining our network?
We collaborated with Jennifer to a) support her in securing clients to work with and b) figure out how to raise awareness about Eating Freely in Wexford. The first thing Jennifer did was begin to see online clients – women and men outside of Ireland who needed our help but had no Eating Freely Therapists nearby to attend. 
Jennifer is now one of our primary Online Therapists.  Among others, she has worked with a male UK based client, a US based client and two clients in South Africa, one of whom referred the other to the program.
To get to the bottom of the no-enquiries-in-Wexford problem, when we reviewed our online marketing to see who was doing what, we learned that people in Wexford do not generally seek help for this problem online!   We learned that Wexford is an area where offline, local, personal marketing will work far better.
Thanks to the local marketing training provided to all of our Practitioners, Jennifer implemented two key marketing actions in her area – arranging a free talk for locals which we had trained her in, and letting all the medical practices in her area know what her area of speciality is by sending out our leaflets and GP template letter.
Jennifer more than recovered her investment in Eating Freely with her first four online clients.  Her hourly fee for Eating Freely clients is almost double her regular fee, and she is now seeing clients online and in person in Wexford.
Part of our job is to ensure we are supporting our Therapists to market themselves effectively, AND to market Eating Freely globally to raise awareness of our program among binge eating sufferers.  
That’s just one of the key benefits of being part of our network – we do continuous online marketing and brand awareness raising for our Licensed Practitioners, and support all their local marketing activity too, because every client you successfully treat is a great reflection on us. 

Success story

Denise Wogan

Hi, I’m Emma Murphy, the Founder and Clinical Director of Eating Freely.Eating Freely is a comprehensive program that I have developed over 10 years of working with women and men who struggle with food, weight and their body image.So many of my clients were caught in a cycle of Diet/Crash/Binge/Guilt/Diet – which never achieved the permanent results they so desperately wanted – to feel comfortable in their own skin. For 10 years I worked in private practice with clients on all parts of the disordered eating spectrum – from a 5.5 stone client with anorexia who refused to go to inpatient treatment to a morbidly obese client who had two-thirds of her stomach removed before she came to counselling, and everything in between.

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2 additional clients per month.
3 additional clients per month.

Be one of the final few health coaches who can train with us for less than one client fee! Our training fees are increasing substantially in 2021, in line with our enhanced supports for practitioners, so now is the time to commit.

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