Creating a Career Path in Coaching

Specialise with us to
grow your practice and improve your client outcomes

Why Specialise?

As a health, wellness or nutrition coach, you will know that many clients use various forms of ‘numbing out’ when they feel unable to deal with a situation, a person or even a difficult feeling.  From TV to shopping to alcohol – there are many ways clients can avoid what they do not want to deal with.
With food however it is different, for two important reasons:

Unlike alcohol or other coping strategies, we cannot abstain from food, we cannot give it up. Food is not only a central feature of life, it can actively support healthy living or actively contribute to unhealthy living.

US statistics show that healthcare costs for obesity related problems now outweigh the costs of smoking related healthcare.  

The addiction/abstinence model does not work with food, and it REALLY does not work for clients with binge eating disorder – in fact it triggers bingeing! You need a different approach to support emotional & binge eating clients. Equally, diets or any form of restriction or cutting out of food groups does not work either, it also triggers binge eating episodes!

Developed over 10 years experience of working exclusively with this client group, the Eating Freely Program comprehensively supports clients to finally find true freedom around food, forever. Once you know how to work correctly and effectively with emotional and binge eating, you will see a significant difference in your clients adherence and outcomes. 

Over time, a disordered relationship with food and the  health/weight impacts become a problem in and of themselves, which need to be specifically addressed. 

Over time, disordered eating results in low mood, high anxiety, hormone imbalance, poor gut health and other health issues.

The binge eating itself also becomes habitual and automatic, embedded in the brain as a coping strategy so it will never simply disappear with more ‘willpower’. Your client’s brain is overriding their conscious desire to stop binge eating all day long, this is why so many clients fail at dieting.

When you and they understand both the neuroscience AND the emotional connections to their eating, it is a game changer for both of you.  

The Eating Freely Program separates food from feelings, and also separates the past from the present, allowing clients to move on, free from old patterns of coping that no longer work for them.  

What is Thera-Coaching?

Thera-coaching is a relatively new concept where both coaching and therapy skills are blended together to ensure clients are getting the past, present and future focused support they need to fully resolve their current challenges and achieve their goals.

As a Psychotherapist, our founder Emma Murphy has always worked in an integrative way, blending exploration of the past through psychodynamic therapy and inner child work, with behavior change and goal oriented work through CBT and solution focused therapy.

We do not believe there is a defined line between coaching and therapy. All therapists can and do use coaching oriented models of working towards goals and achieving behavior change, and all coaches should have therapy-led skills integrated into their core training to give them the tools they need to achieve deep and permanent change for clients.

With our 12 week training, you will learn all the specialist skills you need to work effectively with clients who struggle with emotional and binge eating, many of whom have experienced trauma in their past. Clients do not come to us in a vacuum, they have lived a whole life of experience from childhood to adulthood which has shaped who they are and how they behave today.

Our model is structured, time limited and built specifically to guide our clients through a process of:

a) separating their food from their feelings and dealing with both separately.
b) separating their past from their present to they are finally free to move on.

You do not need to be a therapist to help clients separate their past from their present, but by avoiding the past you are missing a key component of the work that needs to be done for all clients who eat for emotional reasons. Knowing how to safely and competently explore the client's past, in order to let go of what no longer serves them today, is the true key to success.

Growing your Practice

Becoming an Eating Freely Practitioner is a decision to grow and develop your business. Belonging to the Eating Freely network will allow you to move from being a Generalist to a Specialist. Being part of an international network of Coaches and Therapists, united in a common goal to professionally serve clients with expertise and compassion, is a key benefit of working with us.

Being part of Eating Freely allows you to develop a career pathway – a difficult thing to do as a Solopreneur Therapist or Coach.

Our ongoing CPD training will develop your skills, offer opportunities to promote yourself (in the absence of a boss or line manager to do it for you!), and grow your income.

You will start by delivering the Eating Freely Program to individual clients as a 6 month package - what could you charge for a 6 month specialist program like this?

Once you've met the minimum number of individual clients we require, you can avail of a short top up training and additional resources to begin offering the Eating Freely Program as a group option - what could you charge for a 6 month specialist group program like this?

From September 2021 we will have additional CPD approved specialist programs on offer, allowing you to continue to grow your skills and income as a highly trained, professional expert in your field.