Frequently Asked Questions

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The National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches USA (NBHWC) 

The UK Health Coaches Association (UKHCA)

Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP)

Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI)

The CPD Certification Service in the UK – globally recognised 

Our training is run fully online, over 12 weeks. You start with a group and work with that group over the 12 weeks of your training.

Each week, you will need around 3-4 hours to dedicate to the training.

– 3-4 video modules to watch per week;

– written or reflective exercises to complete;

– additional reading to do;

– mandatory attendance at a weekly, online live group call (90 minutes, usually on Fridays).

 You’ll also have the option to attend Office Hours with Emma Murphy each week.

You will be expected to have 1 -2 case study clients to work with from about week 4-5 onwards, to ensure you are confident in using the program material and can iron out any issues before you graduate.

An 80% attendance on live calls and at least one case study client is required to be signed off as an Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner and be awarded CE/CPD points. 

We don’t set a hard and fast fee for the program, because there must be flexibility for both clients and practitioners.

However, we suggest you charge a set fee for either a 3 month or a 6 month program, choosing the most suitable sessions from your manual / resources for each.

Sample 3 month program:

Client attends weekly for 6 weeks, then fortnightly for 6 weeks – total is 10 sessions.

Client also receives:

– lifetime access to a 15 session online program, which will reinforce the material you share with them in session;

– a mindful eating journal;

– a workbook to accompany their online program/sessions with you.

Fee: Suggested minimum $1,500 

Sample 6 month program:

Client attends weekly for 6 weeks, then fortnightly thereafter – total is 16 sessions over c.24 weeks.

As above, client also receives:

– lifetime access to a 15 session online program, which will reinforce the material you share with them in session;

– a mindful eating journal;

– a workbook to accompany their online program/sessions with you.

Fee: Suggested minimum $2,400 

On this recommended basis your fee per session is $150 and is guaranteed for 10 – 16 sessions.  

If your service is covered by a health insurer your clients will also be able to submit your receipts for reimbursement.

We are actively seeking strategic partners who will take Territory Licenses for either States or Countries. Please contact us to discuss as every territory is different. 

Subject to suitability, the first step is a paid consultancy contract that runs for 3 months to develop the territory business plan and ensure you can be successful as a Territory Licensee.

12 weeks of online,  internationally CE/CPD recognised training, and a fully Done For You specialist program and all the materials, handouts and resources you need to offer your clients.

Being a practitioner in private practice can be a lonely business! Our vibrant international  community offers significant support and ongoing learning as different practitioners from different disciplines share tools & resources and offer feedback and support for questions or challenges.

Our team of highly experienced facilitators are all in practice just like you and are available to help you on an ongoing basis.

We facilitate monthly peer group supervision sessions for our practitioners.

Our Practitioners benefit from support in local and online marketing. You will be given all the materials you need to run:

  • A 1 hour webinar;
  • A 1 day paid workshop;
  • A 5 Day Challenge;

You’ll have ongoing access to branded printable materials – posters or cards to distribute locally, from community centres to healthcare centres or local gyms.

A website pack to feature your new specialist skill on your website.

You’ll be featured on our Practitioners Directory on our main website, and benefit from our centralised marketing and awareness raising campaigns.

Your clients will be supported with comprehensive online materials they can access and use between sessions and after they finish working with you. Very few practitioners can offer what we provide as standard for all clients – lifetime access to a comprehensive online program, a mindful eating journal and a workbook.  

Part of our training includes a comprehensive consultation process for clients enquiring about the program. We give you step by step support in featuring your new specialist Licensed Eating Freely Program on your website, accepting and conducting online consultations, and guiding clients through the process of joining the program. All of our Practitioners are featured on the Eating Freely website with easy contact buttons for local clients to connect with you.

Not only can you confidently offer online consultations, but you can also run free talks in your area, advertise with local healthcare and medical centres, and offer a free 1 hour webinar, free 5 Day Challenge and/or a full one day workshop that clients pay to attend – all ‘Done For You’ through our Community Resources for Licensed Practitioners. 

We require any centres to have at least 3-4 suitably qualified  practitioners who will offer the program to clients. The licenses belong to the center, not the individual practitioners.

We have a protocol by which a practitioner can be ‘replaced’ on a license should they leave your center. We also have a protocol for ‘leaving practitioners’ to take an individual license if they wish to continue offering the program. Practitioners will agree to the terms and sign a contract to this effect before commencing training.

If your practitioners are not trained in nutrition, you will need a nutrition professional to provide that element of the program to clients.

You will be the local Eating Freely Center of Excellence and there will be no other center within a reasonable radius to ensure you are the ‘Go To’ location for clients.

If your practitioners are salaried/paid by you, and you are a practitioner yourself:

You will attend the training along with your practitioners;

You will then conduct the consultations with prospective clients, charge the fee you set for the specialist Eating Freely Program and pass the clients to your practitioners.  This should allow you retain a portion of each program fee for the center, once the hourly rate is higher than the rate you offer your practitioners. 

If you are not a practitioner yourself:

You will need a senior practitioner to conduct the consultations on behalf of the team, OR you can allow the practitioners themselves to do their own consultations. However we find practitioners in centers generally do not want to ‘sell’, it’s usually preferable that the center provides referrals to them.

Yes, we are happy to discuss your organisation becoming a Licensed Eating Freely Program Provider. In certain circumstances we can  provide White Label training to upskill your team(s) as Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder Specialists. 

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