This Masterclass is for all Health Professionals who may work with clients struggling with emotional or binge eating.  Therapists, Health / Nutrition Coaches, Psychologists, Doctors, Nurses and Counsellors including LMFT and LMSW.

In the past six months we’ve had an unprecedented rise in requests for referral pathways, training and workshops on emotional eating & binge eating, thanks to the rise in anxiety, stress and resulting emotional eating. Therapists and coaches are seeing more and more clients who disclose emotional/binge eating, and are struggling to support these clients correctly. Separating food from feelings and the past from the present, correctly and in the right order, is key.

This very practical and informative Masterclass will give you guidelines, tools and practices to help you understand what emotional & binge eating is all about, and how to either help, or refer clients on.  

You will receive a CE Credit Certificate of Attendance, a valuable CBT tool to support clients in reducing episodes of emotional / binge eating straight away, and a comprehensive presentation on Binge Eating Disorder – what it is, how it impacts clients and the correct protocols for supporting clients. I look forward to meeting you!