The Eating Freely™ Program for Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder.

The Eating Freely™ Program was developed over 12 years of working with adults JUST LIKE YOU.

  • If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  • If you have tried every diet and weight loss program going with NO permanent success
  • If you’ve got life goals on hold “until” you lose weight/feel more confident/get better

Emma Murphy MIACP,
Disordered Eating Specialist Psychotherapist and Trainer

Meet our founder, Emma Murphy MIACP

Emma Murphy started working with disordered eating clients in 2009 - 4 years before Binge Eating Disorder was identified as a serious condition affecting millions of adults worldwide.

Emma's clients were desperate for help. They had spent YEARS yo-yo dieting, going to the gym, paying for personal trainers, trying every mad and bizarre diet and meal supplement plan going... without EVER getting to the root of the issue - the true, deep triggers that kept them trapped in a cycle of emotional & binge eating.

Through working with many hundreds of clients – 1:1, in groups and on workshops, Emma developed the Eating Freely™ Program. Every session, every resource and every reading recommendation has come from REAL client feedback.

The Eating Freely™ program is available as both an online program and a specialist support program delivered by a qualified health professional who has taken our internationally approved training.

Award Winning,
Evidence Based Support.

The award-winning Eating Freely™ Program is NOT a weight loss program, it is a GUILT loss program.

This structured, proven program combines four pillars of support to ensure you have everything you need to finally break free from emotional and binge eating – FOREVER!

Pillar 1: 

CBT tools

CBT tools give you concrete, usable resources that help you significantly reduce bingeing, emotional eating and overeating episodes

Pillar 2: 

Nutritional Rehabilitation

Your gut needs help! Brain fog, hormones, poor sleep, low energy - just some of the consequences of binge eating. We'll make all this better, AND help you let go of all the confusing ‘food rules’ you’ve gathered up over the years!

Pillar 3: 


Neuroscience will teach you how your brain works, about the autopilot of unhelpful eating, and how you can stop this from happening. When you become consciously aware of the cycle, you CAN break it.

Step 4:
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion brings you back into the present moment, where you can choose to behave differently. Letting go of what no longer serve you is key - when youcan practice good self-care mindfully in the moment, everything changes!
There were many eye-openers throughout this program. I really appreciated the practical tools Emma introduced to me during the video sessions. Particularly interesting to me were tools such as the "Lapse-Relapse-Collapse" charts and the 20-Minutes-Delay method.

These are tools which I still apply today. During my 1:1 sessions with my practitioner, I particularly appreciated the way she managed to get me out of my "tear attacks" through her calm, understanding, supportive, yet directive way of questioning and explaining.

This program is completely different to anything else I have ever done and it has been a revelation to me
I’ve learned to be happy in my own skin and break the cycle of eating and being upset with myself and then eating again! You've thought me that a lapse is just that. A temporary thing and now I can draw a line under a bad day or a bad few weeks and get back on track!

My weight and food and self-confidence was ruining my life and now I feel like I can take on anything and be happy and successful. Thanks
My thought processes surrounding food and exercise were completely turned around during the time I did this program. It's amazing to think back to that difficult, regimented period of time in my life and compare it to how I deal with the same everyday situations I encounter now.

A mere four months after I first walked into the cosy consultation room I cycled from Croatia to Athens with my boyfriend - a spectacular experience that I wouldn't have been able to complete without the support and guidance I got from my practitioner.

Thank you ever so much!

How does it work?

You can choose to work with the Eating Freely™ Program in two ways:

Work 1:1 with a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner, either in person or online depending on your location

Work through the Eating Freely Online Program, with regular feedback AND four 1:1 online sessions with an Eating Freely Practitioner, so you can have more support when you need it.

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