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    You have finally found the correct professional help for emotional eating and binge eating disorder that you need.

    Online or In Person.
    Self-paced Or with a specialist professional.

    We get it. WE can help.

    Can you relate?

    "I eat too much too late at night. I know I shouldn’t and still do it. Over and over again. My whole life, since I can remember."

    "I feel like most of the time I'm scared that I'm not good enough. I'm literally obsessed with others opinions of me. For me it's because I have control issues."

    "I can't stop snacking day and night, especially night. I'm just tired of being alone all the time."

    "Every time I binge it makes me feel like a failure and I end up self-sabotaging my weight loss journey."

    "I have gone so far the other way. I don't reach out to other people, because I get tired of the scenarios that I make up in my head. Can't be hurt if I don't engage with others."

    " I struggle with feeling my feelings, especially overwhelm and anxiety about things in my life I can’t change and find it easier to numb with food. I’m caught in a vicious cycle."

    Emotional or Binge Eating is about far more than food, it's about feelings.

    It is often linked back to an old trauma or difficult experience - when you learned to eat as a way of self-soothing. It became your friend, your go-to.

    But now, that experience is long past, and yet you are still eating in response to your feelings.

    It affects your mood, your sleep, your energy levels.

    It affects your relationships.

    It affects your work, your family, and how you feel about yourself.

    This is why another diet or weight loss program will never work. It's starting from the wrong place.

    Know what else doesn't work? Willpower. Because it's not you, it's actually your brain that's the problem!

    Know what one of the biggest challenges is? Your personality! Yup - being an 'all or nothing' thinker. Being a 'People Pleaser'. Listening to that constant negative voice in your head. Being rubbish at self-care.

    Woman. Man. Bigger body. 'Normal' body. Had a trauma. Didn't have a trauma. It doesn't matter.

    We get binge eating disorder. We know it inside out and upside down. And we can help you.

    What type of help for emotional eating or binge eating is best for you?

    Online program for emotional Eating & Binge eating disorder


    Work through our online program at your own pace - with personalised support from us.

    Work with an EAting Freely Specialist Practitioner
    Online or in-person

    Work with a qualified, experienced Professional who really gets it!

    Join our international network of Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners

    grow your practice as a specialist in emotional eating & binge eating disorder.

    The Eating freely program for emotional eating & binge eating disorder

    Our specialist program for Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Disorder was developed by Emma Murphy MIACP, a disordered eating Psychotherapist. 

    Through working with hundreds of clients over 12 years individually and in groups Emma developed this specialist program – testing out every part of it with clients just like you. 

    You can now choose to work through the online self-paced version with additional personalised support, or work with one of our fully qualified, experienced health professionals 1:1 – in person or online. 

    If you work the program, our program WILL finally resolve your long standing emotional or binge eating.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to support adults like you who've struggled for years with long standing emotional eating, binge eating disorder and yo-yo weight loss/gain.

    1. No matter where you are in the world.
    2. No matter how long you’ve been struggling.
    3. No matter what gender, race or creed you are.
    4. With NO judgment, no dieting, and no shame. 


    I'm Emma Murphy.

    I’m Emma, and I have worked with many hundreds of clients for over 12 years as a Psychotherapist specialist in disordered eating.   

    Over this time I developed a structured, evidence based way of working with clients that really does offer them true freedom around food – forever.  

    It is my mission to ensure anyone, anywhere can get the specialist support they need to finally overcome their long standing battle with food, their weight and their body image.  

    The Eating Freely Program is available as an online program, or  working 1:1 with one of our qualified Health Professionals who have taken further specialist training with us to become a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner.

    So you can get the help you need no matter where you are, no matter how long you’ve been struggling, and with NO judgment, no dieting, and no shame.

    We’ll give you specialist support with kindness, no judgement and true compassion. 

    The Eating Freely™ Program
    combines four pillars of support:

    CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – tools to help reduce binge eating episodes immediately;

    Nutrition and Gut Rehabilitation – over time, binge eating impacts your gut, which impacts your hormones, your sleep, your energy and your physical health. We need to reverse this!

    Neuroscience – because a lot of what happens is in ‘Autopilot’ and triggered at an unconscious level. Your brain is only trying to keep you safe, but the Automatic Habits it has on file are working against you, not for you!

    Mindfulness and Self-Compassion – because how helpful is that Inner Critical Voice, really?

    The Eating Freely™ Program is unique. We separate food from feelings, and the past from the present, supporting clients to finally find true freedom around food, forever.

    You can choose to work through an online program at your own pace, with additional personalised support.

    We have Licensed Eating Freely™ Practitioners all around the world, most of whom also work online. You can choose the practitioner you want to work with from our directory.

    HEAR FROM SOME OF OUR specialist practitioners
    - and their clients!