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We are on a mission

We’re on a mission to change 1 million lives in the next three years by helping adults struggling with emotional & binge eating to fully recover and find true freedom around food, forever.

We do this by training qualified health professionals to use our Eating Freely program through our CE/CPD approved, comprehensive training program.

We support our Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners to easily grow their practice and reputation as a specialist in an underserved and high demand area – Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder.

Our practitioner support clients both in person, and online. You can book a no-obligation consultation with any of our practitioners here.


What’s Your "Big Why?”

Why did you train to become a Health & Nutrition Coach?

Why did you walk away from a salaried job to do this work?

Why did you spend time away from your family whilst you studied, and learned, and spent time online missing out on family fun?

Because you are passionate about making a difference to people’s lives, through better health and life balance.

You want to do work that matters.

You have a vision for yourself and your clients – to thrive!




BUT it is not easy to build a practice, is it?

Did you realise all the ‘other stuff’ you would need to learn about – marketing, accounts, cashflow?

Did you underestimate how much time (and money!) you would spend trying to find clients to start with? Then a regular enough flow of clients to pay you? 

And here’s the big one – did you realise that your initial training in health coaching was only the very start of your learning journey? That ongoing learning about many different health issues would be key to fully supporting a range of clients?

Foundation training in any health discipline is only the start. Doctors go on to specialise in heart, brain, orthopedic.  Therapists specialise in anxiety, depression, trauma. Health & Nutrition Coaches are no different, it takes time, money and dedication to continue growing and learning what you are truly passionate about – often through trial and error with clients!

I've done all the hard work, so you don't have to!

Hi, I’m Emma Murphy

I’m a Psychotherapist specialising in disordered eating since 2009.

I’ve spent the past 12 years developing the Eating Freely Program by working with hundreds of clients – in person, online, 1-1 and in groups. I know what they need and I know what works for them.

The Eating Freely Program is now being clinically validated by Trinity College Dublin – there is no higher validation than clinical research.

I’ve spent the past five years training therapists and health coaches just like you. Our training is CE / CPD approved internationally by coaching, therapy and nutritional therapy member organisations. 

Out of this experience and with the help of my small, dedicated team we’ve developed the most comprehensive, Done For You framework you can imagine:

CE / CPD approved specialist training in effectively resolving emotional eating & binge eating disorder.

 A Done For You specialist program you can offer clients as a package from 3-6 months duration, depending on their needs.

 Significant value add for your Eating Freely clients – lifetime access to an online program, a Mindful Eating Journal and custom recorded meditations for changing their relationship from food at the deepest unconscious level.

 Marketing materials including a free 1 hour webinar, a paid 1 day workshop, listing on our practitioner directory, downloadable templates and assets for website, print and social.

 Ongoing professional and peer support in our vibrant international community!

It’s really simple. You can choose to re-invent the wheel by learning it all yourself over 8-10 years, or you can join my community of passionate professionals who are doing it the smart way – leveraging MY 12 years of grind to easily grow their practices as a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner!


Meet Marcie Desmond, Health Coach in Boston, MA
Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner

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Our Practitioners say...

“Honestly, I’m delighted I’ve done this training. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I very quickly started working with two eating freely clients in my private practice straight after the training.

I notice in myself I really look forward to the sessions, I really love delivering the program. It’s wonderful to see clients ‘ah ha’ moments and their progressions.

I’d say it’s the best piece of post graduate training I’ve completed. It’s not a training that you complete and it’s over. You actively use the content afterwards and get maximum benefit from your investment.”

Aisling Piercy, Psychotherapist, Ireland

“I’m the founder of the mind•body•food•pain center, where we focus on the relationships between mental health, nutrition, gut health, and chronic pain, to develop and apply tools that empower you to take care of your own health, from all aspects. The Eating Freely program fits very well within this paradigm, and that is why I was happy to become a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner. 

One of the core aspects of the work is based on the power of our own relationships to our thoughts, to our bodies, to health, to food, and to other people, and how they can be affected – by the environment, pain, stress, and trauma. What you think and feel, how you move (or don’t), how you sleep, what and how you eat, and how you relate to yourself and to the people around you, can have the power to promote either disease or healing. This program helps us work together to frame your well-being goals, using a compassionate science-based approach, and support your own healing.”

Dr. Elaine Barretto, NBC-HWC, Singapore

As a Health Coach, Therapist, Psychologist or Nutritionist
in Private Practice ...

you can choose to grow your practice in one of two ways:

Doing ‘the grind’ – spending precious time on social media, posting and sharing content, buying other people’s content and coaching templates, spending A LOT of money on marketing programs and hoping you get enough engagement to win clients. 

In other words, play the numbers game, among all the online noise of other coaches and therapists doing exactly the same thing.

Or you can be smart, like Aisling & Elaine by becoming a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner and growing your practice and income with our full support!

Why join Us?


Stand out from the crowd. A proven, 'done for you' 3 - 6 month specialist program will add real value for both you and your clients.


Be part of a collaborative community. Continuous learning and support to keep growing your practice and income.


Develop new coaching and therapy-led skills. Move your clients beyond behavior change and into transformation across all areas of their life.


Up to 30% of adults seeking weight loss meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder. 40% are male. Clients out there NEED your specialist support.

I’m so glad you are here.

The Eating Freely™ Program evolved out of my 12 years experience of working as a Psychotherapist in private practice, specialising in Disordered Eating.

There has always been high demand for this specialist support, and when I began to get overwhelmed and burned out from the amount of clients seeking my specialist support, I knew it was time to train other professionals to also do what I was doing – initially to give myself some referral options when my waiting list grew too long!

However, once I began training others, the word spread and more professionals wanted to do the training – there is a significant lack of professional training in all areas of disordered eating for professionals! 

I have since delivered workshops and training to many hundreds of practitioners both here in Ireland and internationally, and presented at conferences from here to Australia on the specialist topic of disordered eating.

My team and I are dedicated to ensuring we deliver the highest quality, accredited, evidence-based training to Coaches and Therapists, AND that you can then take that training and apply it immediately to your client work – getting that all important tangible return on your investment.

Binge Eating in Numbers

Why our specialist program is needed by so many
1 %

Up to 30% of adults seeking weight loss help meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder.

40% of sufferers are male - a massively underserved client group.

Up to 1 in 20 adults eat for emotional reasons.

In bariatric surgery patients, research confirms that up to 60% of this client group struggle with binge eating.

1 %

of those experiencing Eating Disorders find it really difficult to find specialist support.

Only 1 in 10 Eating Disorder sufferers have Anorexia.

The other 9/10 are on the Emotional/Binge/Overeating spectrum.