The Four Energies of Emotional Eating - A Card Deck

This Card Deck was developed by Emma Murphy MIACP to help you get to the root of your emotional and binge eating.

Deck Size:  48 Cards

Deck Theme: The Four Energies of Emotional Eating





Emotional eating and binge eating impacts every area of your life – your feelings, your body, your mind.

Using these cards – daily, every 3-4 days or weekly, you can unpack the complexity that emotional eating has brought to your life, and let go of what no longer serves you.

Watch the video below for full details, or scroll down for a written description of what each energy relates to, and see two sample cards!

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    Sample Cards

    The cards are divided into three themes, Learn, Reflect and Do.

    LEARN: These cards introduce a therapeutic theme or insight. They will often also ask you to either Reflect on the theme, or Do something related to that theme.

    REFLECT: These cards introduce a deeper layer of what’s going on, and ask you to reflect on the concept, usually by journalling. This helps you to do deeper and get beneath the behaviour, to what’s actually driving the behaviour – often unconsiously.

    DO: These cards will give you something to do, to begin moving out of your comfort zone.  So much of emotiona eating is about being stuck – in the autopilot, in the past, in your head! By DOING something new, you can shift out of a stuck pattern and change the energy!

    Fire Card - Mental Energy. D is for Do.

    Water Card - Spiritual Energy. L is for Learn.

    Coming Soon, a daily journal to go with your card deck!

    Want a Sneak Peek? Here's just a flavour of what's inside...

    The journal has a more in-depth description of the four energies, and a comprehensive guide to more mindful eating. You’ll have daily reflection pages and weekly reflection pages on your energies and what you are learning from your cards.  You’ll also have daily food, mood & energy tracking pages, and weekly food review and planning pages too.