Apply now for our BIPOC & Social Impact Scholarship!

Are you a BIPOC qualified Health Professional – Health Coach, Nutritionist, Psychotherapist, Psychologist?

Are you working with disadvantaged, low income or minority clients who regularly present with or disclose trauma related emotional/binge eating? 

Would you like to deepen your skills and specialise in emotional/binge eating to better support your clients?

The Eating Freely BIPOC Social Impact scholarship awards one free place on every group for our CE approved training program, offering you the opportunity to specialise in Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Disorder and join our international community of Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners.

Meet Roozhyar, the first recipient of our Scholarship in 2023!

My name is Roozhyar Janati. I am a 23 years old Iranian dietitian who has been working with psychologists and psychiatrists and clients of emotional eating disorders. I have always been passionate about psychological aspects of nutrition and eating disorders. I have also been interested in intuitive eating and have studied and worked with clients with this approach as well. In addition, I have a history of working with a large group of people as a statistician for an article about food consumption all over the country.

In my country (Iran) a lot of people are suffering from eating disorders who have no idea what is wrong with them and whom to refer to. Unfortunately, most of the dietitians in my country work as a weight gain/loss dietitian, and the stigma is unbelievable. There is little to no expertise available in emotional eating field which makes it hard for people to reach these experts and to be able to afford the costs. I believe I can be a help for these people. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and experience by working with you. Thank you.

Apply now to be considered for our 2023 Scholarship Places!
Applicants for the April Cohort will be contacted in early March 2023.


This scholarship has been established as part of our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion program and is intended to enrich our network with the experiences of practitioners from different cultures, who otherwise may not have the means to train with us.

Eligibility Criteria:

This scholarship is open to:

  1. any qualified health professional of colour, from an indigenous cultural group or from a developing country; AND
  2. who works in a health or mental health care setting with a community or patient group who are economically disadvanged; AND
  3. who regularly present with or disclose emotional/binge eating as a coping strategy, and often meet the criteria for having experienced trauma.

You must be an already qualified health professional with a recognised qualification, and be a member in good standing of a recognised professional membership body – APA, NBHWC, IACP, BACP etc.

The scholarship place refers to our CE/CPD approved 12 week training program to specialise in Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder. The training is a time limited program with set start and finish dates, you must be available to attend, participate and study throughout the program and fulfil the training criteria. 

All trainees are expected to attend and participate in 10 of the 12 live group calls and work with a case study client for a minimum of 6 sessions in order to be granted their CPD/CE certificate and graduate as an Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder Specialist.

Group calls are 90 minutes and currently held on Fridays at 3pm GMT / 10am EST / 7am PST.

You should already be working with clients who are presenting with emotional/binge eating, and be able to work with a case study client weekly from week 5-6 to the end of the training program.

Successful recipients of the scholarship will be expected to participate in some promotional activity including but not limited to announcements on social media, being featured on our website etc.