Become an Emotional & Binge Eating Specialist!

- Grow your practice
- Deepen your skills
- Deliver better client outcomes

Grow your practice and income as a Specialist in a significantly underserved and in-demand area.

Our next training start dates

Thursday 6th June 2024
Online for Australia/Europe/New Zealand/South Africa
Thursday 12th September 2024
Online for Australia/Europe/New Zealand/South Africa
Friday 13th September 2024
Online for Europe and USA

Duration: 12 Weeks Online

CPD / CE Credits: 36

We take a maximum of 10 participants on each training group to ensure
excellent individual support throughout the training.

Train with us and learn to use our specialist structured framework for emotional and binge eating.

  • There are four core pillars to our evidence-based Program, which together integrate to give clients all the support they need to successfully overcome long standing emotional eating or binge eating disorder.
  • Each pillar tackles a specific area of emotional/binge eating in a different way. The integration of multiple models of support meets clients where they are at on several levels – what they are ready for right now, their personality type and even their learning style.
  • The entire program is underpinned by a trauma informed foundation, which is key for clients with long standing emotional or binge eating – it rarely started today or yesterday! As a practitioner you do not need to work directly with the traumatic or adverse event – this may be out of scope for you, but you DO need to work from a trauma informed perspective.

Four Pillars of Intervention


  • Reduce episodes of Bingeing and Emotional Eating

  • Break the ‘all or nothing’ thinking trap

  • Connect thoughts to feelings to behaviours


  • Reset the brain to break Autopilots and Habit Loops

  • Learn how to self-soothe without food

  • Create new neural pathways


  • Rehabilitate the gut and health through Specialist Nutrition

  • Un-learn food and diet rules

  • Learn how to Nourish, not Punish with food


  • Re-Program the negative critical voice to be nourishing, not punishing.

  • Separates the past from the present.

  • Allows client to finally let go of what no longer serves them.

What is Included in our training?

Weekly Self-Directed Learning

  • 3 video modules per week, each 30-45 mins.

  • Slides download.

  • Downloadable tools and resources for clients.

  • Reflective and written exercises.

  • Additional resources and further reading recommendations.

Weekly Live Group Calls

  • Weekly 1.5hr group calls.

  • Max 10 practitioners per group.

  • Expert trainers who are also practising professionals.

  • Review of self-directed learning material.

  • Case study supervision.

Case Study Client Work

  • Work with 1-2 case study clients during training.

  • Supervision and support from our expert trainers.

  • Practical experience implementing a ‘done-for-you’ program with all the resources, tools and materials you need to ensure your success.

We provide continuous support...

To our small groups of maximum 10 practitioners throughout the training via a dedicated Slack Channel.

You can reach our team and engage with your group any time.

From asking a technical question to joining in a discussion on a group theme, sharing resources or just checking in with your case study progress – we are here for you all the way through.


It is unusual for a specialist skill training like ours to guarantee a return on your investment in our training, but we do exactly that. You'll complete this training with a structured, specialist 3 month program to offer clients, and just 2-3 new clients will more than recoup your training fee. Watch my free masterclass to learn how!

You can pay in full or in instalments over 12 months.
Our training is fully approved for Continuing Education credits and is therefore a business expense that can be put through your practice.

Full price:

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Our training alone will set you apart with a new specialist skill and program to offer client alongside what you already do. It's a new specialist offering to add to your services, but probably not all you do, or even your main offering.

However, if you are passionate about supporting adults who struggle with emotional eating and binge eating disorder, if you value support and community as part of your work and growth, and you want to be part of a movement that is on a mission to change healthcare and make a real difference - then we will welcome you to our network. See our Licensing Page for more information.

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