We Need to Talk About Emotional Eating!

The water cardS - your spiritual energy


We need to normalize the fact that people use food as a coping strategy!

Unfortunately it is easier to talk about the fact that people use alcohol, gambling or anything else other than food to cope. There is something about the distressing relationship with food that is difficult for people to talk about, and I think a lot of it is to do with historically, the only place people felt that they could go for help was weight loss programs, and if they lost the weight everything would be different. They’d be able to go on the next diet, the next plan, they’d be able to stop binge eating, get on track, lose the weight and finally live the life that so badly want to live. 

That approach is not the best one for long standing emotional or binge eating, that evolved as a result of learning how to self-soothe with food as a child in response to something difficult or traumatic that was going on around you. No weight loss or exercise program is going to help you solve this!

  • How do you show love to others in your life?
  • Do you always have a kind word for them?
  • Do you look after them by feeding them well?
  • Do you treat them? Do things  you know they’ll love?
  • And do you see how you loving them encourages them, strengthens them, motivates them?
Questions for yourself:
  • So how do you show love to yourself?
  • Do you talk to yourself kindly? Feed yourself well?
  • Treat yourself?
  • Could self-love be the REAL key to change, do you think?

This is a water card and the water cards are about your spiritual energy. What we’re really talking about here is the energy and the energetic vibration that you are operating from.

This card is all about self love and self care, and that is something that is really difficult for a lot of our clients. The aim of this card is to stop talking about that idea of feeling shame, not good enough or unworthy. At a very deep level clients can feel unworthy of being loved, unworthy of being fed properly, and have a negative critical voice on their head all the time.

Unfortunately the diet industry tells you that you need to punish yourself, it needs to feel hard, you need to deprive yourself and “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, or the idea that “when you feel hungry you know it is working”, the diet industry teaches us that you can’t stop depriving yourself until you’ve reached your goal.

speaking up about anti-diet!

Slowly this diet mentality has been changing, and a lot more people are speaking about anti-diet and anti-weight stigma, anti-fat shaming and body positivity. But is not enough, and a lot of people are still stuck in the hamster wheel of going in and out of diets and weight loss programs – feeling that THEY are failing each time it doesn’t work.

This water card is asking you to consider how this is working out for you; how do you feel by being cruel to yourself, being mean to yourself, depriving yourself of food, depriving yourself from what you want, how do you feel speaking badly about yourself, criticizing and not treating yourself to anything?

intoduce more self-care and self-love into your life!

I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you show love to yourself?
  • Do you talk to yourself kindly? Feed yourself well? Treat yourself?
  • Could self-love be the REAL key to change, do you think?
One of the lines we use all the time in our program is “will this nourish me or punish me?” – we really ask you to ask yourself that question in the context of food, that means any decision that you’re making to either eat something or not eat something – “will it nourish you or punish you?”
That’s what the water cards are about, your spiritual energy and the frequency that you are operating on. If you’re operating on a frequency of fear, you are trying to motivate yourself and trying to blossom and grow into the person you want to be through fear and coercion. The question again is, how is that working out for you?
I would really like you to think about that and think about that question: Am I nourishing or punishing myself? and apply it in as many situations as you can during the day. And remember to treat yourself the way you treat other people!

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