Work with an Eating Freely Practitioner.

You can work with one of our Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners, either online or in person, depending on your location.  We have female and male practitioners, and we work with both women and men, because up to 40% of adults who struggle with emotional eating or binge eating disorder are men.

All Eating Freely Practitioners are fully qualified and accredited Psychotherapists, Nutritional Therapists or Health & Nutrition Coaches.

The Eating Freely Program is an Award-winning program combining psychology with nutritional therapy designed specifically for emotional and binge eating and developed by Emma Murphy MIACP, Disordered Eating Specialist for over 12 years.

We are also delighted to be partnered with of the World’s most respected Universities – Trinity College Dublin – who are now running a long-term study on the effectiveness of our program.

Once you commit to working with an Eating Freely Practitioner, you will be invited to participate in this research program and receive a valuable additional tool to your work with your Practitioner, a Trinity College developed app which will help you track your food, moods, life events and how you respond (with/without food).  This app is a powerful additional tool to help keep you on track and give you the very best chance to finally find true freedom around food, forever.

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Episodes of Emotional Eating & Binge Eating


Their gut and physical health through specialist Nutritional Therapy


Their brain, by breaking unhelpful Autopilots and Habit Loops


That negative critical voice in their head to be kinder and more self-caring.

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What a gift to give yourself – the gift of true FREEDOM around food, FOREVER!

The problem has never been that you just cannot stick to a diet, or you just haven’t found the right diet, the problem IS dieting.  

Restricting your food and cutting out entire food groups sets you up for a ‘deprivation’ mindset, the feeling of ‘I can’t have…’ or even ‘I don’t deserve…’;

Dieting tells you every single hour of every day that you are “not good enough” the way you are;

Dieting reduces your entire self-worth to a number – on a scale, or a label;

Dieting TRIGGERS bingeing and overeating. FACT.

Dieting never works long term. If it did, you wouldn’t have to keep going on a diet! In fact, ongoing restriction of food STOPS your metabolism from working – that’s why it gets harder and harder to lose weight over time.


What is Binge Eating Disorder?

The majority of our clients have spent years, often decades, in a battle with their weight and food, because the problem is NOT food, it is feelings.

Up to 30% of adults who describe themselves as ‘serial dieters’ meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder (BED).  Binge Eating Disorder was classified as an eating disorder in 2013, and it’s key characteristics are:

– Recurring episodes of binge eating, which is:

– Eating an amount of food that is definitely larger than what most people would eat in a similar period of time under similar circumstances;

– a sense of lack of control over the eating during the episode, ie a feeling that one cannot stop eating or control what or how much one is eating;

Binge-eating episodes are associated with at least three of the following: 

1. Eating much more rapidly than normal

2. Eating until feeling uncomfortably full

3. Eating large amounts of food when not feeling physically hungry

4. Eating alone because of feeling embarrassed by how much one is eating

5. Feeling disgusted with oneself, depressed, or very guilty afterward.

6. The behaviour happens at least once a week for at least three months, or it can be more regular – 3-4 times a week for a shorter overall period.

The last point here – the feelings – are important, because we ALL eat for emotional reasons. The difference with ‘normal’ emotional eating is that usually someone knows they are comfort eating on a particular occasion, it does not happen that regularly, and they do not feel strong feelings of disgust, guilt or remorse afterwards.  

Most clients who struggle with Binge Eating Disorder will know that the problem of comfort eating/emotional eating began a long time ago, usually in response to an adverse event, experience or trauma.  So the behaviour is very old, and it is ‘locked in’ at a subconscious level as the default reaction to stress or difficult feelings/emotions.

This is why specialist support is needed to finally break free from binge eating – because your professional helper MUST be able to separate the past from the present, as well as separate food from how you feel.

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What does the program involve?

The Eating Freely™ Program combines four pillars of evidence-based, therapeutic support:

CBT Tools and Resources give you concrete, usable tools that help you significantly reduce bingeing, emotional eating and overeating episodes;

Nutritional Rehabilitation – When your gut has been abused the way my clients’ guts have been abused, it contributes HUGELY to the ‘brain fog’, lack of motivation, low mood and completely skewed hunger/not hungry cues.  Your individualised plan will reset your gut, body and brain, so you feel MUCH better, physically and mentally, within as little as 2-3 weeks, and then you will have a follow-up to develop your new Eating Plan for Life.

Neuroscience will teach you how your brain works, why it can be your worst enemy when trying to change or break bad, unhealthy and unhelpful habits, how you CAN break free of both your old behaviours, AND dial down that negative, critical voice in your head;

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion brings you back into the present moment, where you can choose to behave differently, challenge your unhelpful thoughts, learn how to calm yourself and reduce anxiety.  This helps to reduce episodes of emotional eating and bingeing, and changes the ‘mind chatter’ from criticism to compassion.

You will also get immediate, lifetime access to our comprehensive Eating Freely online program so you can stay on track between sessions, and after you complete the program.

Once you receive access to your online program, you will see your invitation to participate in a research program by Trinity College Dublin – this is optional, but highly recommended.

Trinity have developed a unique app to help you track your food, moods, life events and reactions, which will give you valuable feedback and data on how you are doing, and more importantly how things are changing for you as you work through the program.  

This really is your unique opportunity to finally break free from the cycle of restricted/diet led eating, and bingeing/overeating, and FINALLY learn how to eat well, with no deprivation, in a way that truly supports health, wellbeing AND weight loss in a very healthy, SUSTAINABLE way.


How do I get started?

1. You choose to make a commitment to yourself that this time you will finally ‘do the work’ and break free from binge eating, emotional eating and ‘Serial Dieting’ FOREVER. You commit to investing the time and personal energy into the program – looking at yourself and what is not working, challenging your habits and ‘autopilots’, and re-learning how to eat properly, nutritiously and without deprivation.

2. You book your free online consultation with your preferred Eating Freely™  Practitioner to find out more, ask your questions and ensure that the Eating Freely™ Program is the correct choice for you.

If you are still unsure, ask yourself this:

How much have I spent over the years on diets, personal trainers, gym memberships, food plans, weight loss plans, supplements etc… with NO permanent success?

How many of the above ‘solutions’ focused only on ‘dieting’, with NO emotional or real psychological support?

If you have tried counselling before, how experienced were they in disordered eating, did they help you address your bingeing and emotional eating, or did they just focus on the ‘presenting issue’ – leaving you stuck in your unhelpful behaviours around food?

Eating Freely™ is different. 

Offered ONLY by qualified, experienced Health Professionals – Health and Nutrition Coaches, Nutritional Therapists and Psychotherapists – and endorsed by both the IACP and *Health Insurers, we work alongside you to disentangle food from your feelings, and the present from the past, leaving you FREE to get on with your life.  Eating Freely™ will give you back control. Control of your feelings, control around food, and far more control of that currently unhelpful, unruly Inner Critic of yours!

Don’t wait, get started now and look forward to the next year being the year you finally find true freedom around food, FOREVER.

Find a practitioner near you, or online and book your initial consultation with no obligation.

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