1-1 SUPPORT for Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Disorder

work with one of our fully qualified health professionals.

Online or in-person support available.



You can work online or in-person with one of our Licensed Eating Freely Practitioners. Together they will gently and expertly guide you to finally find true freedom from Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Disorder.  

You may be nervous about contacting someone for the very first time

this may be the very first time you’ve ever told anyone about your real relationship with food

you may be worried that we’ll tell you to stop binge eating immediately (we won’t!)

you may feel hopeless, that this is just another thing you’ll sign up to, but won’t finish, and/or it won’t work.


That’s why you can book a no obligation, initial consultation with a practitioner of your choice.  

We have almost 50 practitioners from Ireland, the UK, the USA and even Singapore, South Africa and The Netherlands and Italy. 

Most of our practitioners also work online, and we have female and male practitioners. So whoever you want to work with, and however you want to work – online or in-person – we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to take that first step and just have a chat with someone to start with .

Our network of female and male practitioners work with both women and men, because up to 40% of adults who struggle with emotional eating or binge eating disorder are men.


All Eating Freely Practitioners are fully qualified and accredited Psychotherapists, Nutritional Therapists or Health & Nutrition Coaches and have undergone our advanced, accredited training to specialise in Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder.


The Eating Freely Program is an Award-winning program for emotional eating and binge eating disorder. The Program combines psychology with nutritional therapy, and was designed specifically for adults just like you, who struggle with long standing emotional eating or binge eating disorder.  Emotional/binge eating often starts in childhood as a result of trauma or some other adverse experience. The trauma may pass, but the ‘default’ of turning to food to self-soothe does not.

Working with your specialist practitioner, you will learn how to separate your food from your feelings, and your past from your present, leaving you free to move on with your life, free from being obsessed by food, your weight and your self-critical judgement.

Our Practitioners are here to help.

In complete confidence.

How does the program work?

The four pillars of support in our expert program will help you:


CBT Tools and Resources give you concrete, usable tools that help you significantly reduce bingeing, emotional eating and overeating episodes;


Your gut needs help! Brain fog, hormones, poor sleep, low energy - just some of the consequences of binge eating. We'll make all this better.


Neuroscience will teach you how your brain works, how it tries to keep you safe by triggering emotional eating, and how you can stop this from happening.


Mindfulness & Self-Compassion brings you back into the present moment, where you can choose to behave differently. When you practice self-care first, everything changes!


Break free from emotional eating & binge eating disorder, and find true freedom around food, forever!


What a gift to give yourself – the gift of true FREEDOM around food, FOREVER!

The problem has never been that you just cannot stick to a diet, or you just haven’t found the right diet, the problem IS dieting.  

Restricting your food and cutting out entire food groups sets you up for a ‘deprivation’ mindset, the feeling of ‘I can’t have…’ or even ‘I don’t deserve…’;

Dieting tells you every single hour of every day that you are “not good enough” the way you are;

Dieting reduces your entire self-worth to a number – on a scale, or a label;

Dieting TRIGGERS bingeing and overeating. FACT.

Dieting never works long term. If it did, you wouldn’t have to keep going on a diet! In fact, ongoing restriction of food STOPS your metabolism from working – that’s why it gets harder and harder to lose weight over time.

Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Disorder is not about food, it’s about your feelings, and it is often rooted in the past. When it started ‘as a child’ – how can a quick fix diet be the answer?

What is Binge Eating Disorder?


Up to 30% of adults who describe theselves as ‘serial dieters’ meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder. Are YOU one of them?

Binge Eating Disorder was classified as an eating disorder in 2013, and it’s key characteristics are:

– Eating an amount of food that is definitely larger than most people would eat in a similar period of time under similar circumstances;

– a sense of lack of control over the eating during the episode, ie a feeling that you cannot stop eating or control what or how much you are eating;

Binge-eating episodes are associated with at least three of the following eating patterns: 

1. Eating much more rapidly than normal

2. Eating until feeling uncomfortably full

3. Eating large amounts of food when not feeling physically hungry

4. Eating alone because of feeling embarrassed by how much one is eating

5. Feeling disgusted with oneself, depressed, or very guilty afterwards.

6. The behaviour happens at least once a week for at least three months, or it can be more regular – 3-4 times a week for a shorter overall period.

Many clients who struggle with emotional eating or binge eating disorder are 'yo-yo' dieters. How long have YOU been dieting for?
Emotional Eating is normal, Binge Eating Disorder is not. It can affect anyone of any gender, weight or age, and is easy to keep hidden for many years.

Emotional Eating is Normal

We ALL eat for emotional reasons. The difference with ‘normal’ emotional eating is that it does not happen that regularly, and you do not feel strong feelings of disgust, guilt or remorse afterwards. 

Most clients who struggle with Binge Eating Disorder will know that the problem of emotional eating began a long time ago, usually in response to a difficult event or experience.  So the behaviour is very old, and it is ‘locked in’ at a subconscious level as the default reaction to stress or difficult feelings/emotions.

This is why specialist support is needed to finally break free from binge eating – because your professional helper MUST be able to separate the past from the present, as well as help you to separate food from how you feel.

When you have struggling with your food, weight or body image for many years, the problem is almost always rooted in the past – when you learned how to ‘self-soothe’ with food.

The most common difficult experiences our clients have had are:

A parent who was an alcoholic, and may have been violent or angry a lot of the time too;

A parent who was either mentally or physically ill – very often with depression, or undiagnosed bi-polar disorder;

Inappropriate responsibility – taking on the role of another parent to younger siblings, very common in larger families; 

Being expected to constantly perform at the highest level. If you got 99% in a test, it wasn’t good enough!

Any form of abuse – physical, emotional or sexual;

Long standing bullying – not necessarily about their weight. With older clients it was often because of being poor;

An unexpected death or series of deaths which affected the entire family. Sometimes it was the death of a child, sometimes several deaths (grandparents and uncles/aunts) in a short space of time.

A parent who themselves was always overly concerned with food, weight and body image. Treats may have been restricted. Your parent may have regularly commented on your weight or your food. The message that being fat was unacceptable was often communicated in how they spoke about other people, or even the family.

In all of these cases and any other situation that is hard for a child to understand, there is a common theme.

When something like this is going on, it usually involves your parent(s).  This means as a child, you cannot ask your parents for help with the feelings you have. 

You may think “I can’t bother my mum / dad with my feelings or problems, they have enough of their own”. 

Or you may have learned that your mum or dad got angry any time you tried to tell them how you felt, so you worked hard to keep the peace.

Either way, you had nobody to turn to, so you turned to food to literally self-soothe, to calm your own nervous system down. Over time, it became your go-to for any time you feel stressed, anxious, worried, confused…  does this ring true for you?

This is why Binge Eating Disorder requires specialist support – to separate food from feelings, AND to separate the past from the present.  Your professional helper needs to be trained in psychology, neuroscience and self-compassion to help the ‘little you’ inside let go of the hurt, confusion and pain of the past. 

It is also why dieting NEVER EVER works for the 30% of adults seeking weight loss support, who meet the criteria for binge eating disorder. You are looking for help from someone who is not trained to properly help you.  

What does the program involve?

The Eating Freely™ Program combines four pillars of evidence-based, therapeutic support:

CBT Tools and Resources 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) will give you practical tools that help you significantly reduce bingeing, emotional eating and overeating episodes straight away.

– You’ll learn what your triggers are and how to reduce your ‘All or    Nothing’ Thinking – which is one of your biggest saboteurs!

– You’ll learn how to break out of the ‘Autopilot’ and take more control over your eating.

Nutritional Rehabilitation 

Long standing restriction and bingeing contributes HUGELY to the ‘brain fog’, lack of motivation, low mood and completely skewed hunger/not hungry cues you regularly experience. 

– Your personal plan will reset your gut, body and brain, so you feel MUCH better, physically and mentally.


We will teach you how your brain works – because it really is not you, it’s your BRAIN! 

– You’ll learn that it’s not your lack of willpower, it is your BRAIN that pushes you to eat even when you are not physically hungry. When you can consciously break down the Trigger-Craving-Eating-Reward-Consequence cycle, you can stop it. 

– You’ll learn how to dial down that Critical Voice in  your head, and break up with your Inner Mean Girl or Guy! 

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion 

This brings you back into the present moment, where you can choose to behave differently, challenge your unhelpful thoughts, learn how to calm yourself and reduce anxiety. 

Now you REALLY begin to let go of emotional eating and bingeing, and changes the ‘mind chatter’ from criticism to compassion.

When you learn how to treat yourself better in your mind, you will choose to eat better – to nourish yourself instead of punish yourself with food.

Find true freedom from emotional eating and binge eating disorder forever with the Eating Freely Program.

How do I get started?


 1. You book your free online consultation with your preferred Eating Freely™ Practitioner to find out more, ask your questions and ensure that the Eating Freely™ Program is the correct choice for you.

2. When you have met your Practitioner and are reassured that you have found the right support for you, you sign up to work with that practitioner for a set amount of time, for a set fee.

3. As well as expert 1-1 support, you will also get lifetime access to our online program, and all the tools and resources you need to maintain your new learning – both between sessions and after you finish the program.

If you are still unsure, ask yourself this:

How much have I spent over the years on diets, personal trainers, gym memberships, food plans, weight loss plans, supplements etc… with NO permanent success?

How many of the above ‘solutions’ focused only on ‘dieting’, with NO emotional or real psychological support?

How many of those helpers were specifically trained in resolving binge eating disorder?

It is time to do something different, to get a different result – FREEDOM from emotional and binge eating.

More support options

Online Program for Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Disorder

Not ready to work 1:1 with someone? That’s okay! You can Sign up to our online Eating Freely Program instead. 

Work at your own pace in complete confidence from the comfort of home.

– You’ll have weekly video sessions to work through (but you can go at your own pace);

– On the weekly sessions you’ll also get downloadable tools to use, written exercises to do, meditations to listen to and accountability questions to answer to ensure you have all the information and resources you need;

– You’ll have two Nutritional Therapy sessions with Linn – our Senior Nutritional Therapist – because we know how hard it is to break all those old food rules and know what to ACTUALLY eat or not eat. Linn will work with you to draw up your individual eating plan;

– You’ll have the option to join our online community with others just like you, and Linn is your moderator, available to answer any questions you have.

Online Help for Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Disorder. Self-paced, confidential, you choose to go-it-alone or join the community for additional support.